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Did you feel that your grades have been slipping down? Do you feel that you need some kind of help for while doing your assignments? Well, you’ve come to the right place. At, we provide the best assignment help and online tutoring service, globally. Since 2007, we have been a leading online education service provider with a track record of delivering high quality assignment help and homework help to students in the Middle East. provides educational services which include assignment help, homework help, essay writing help, dissertation help, thesis help, research paper help, Middle East college assignment help, Middle East college homework help, Middle East university assignment help, Middle East university homework help, etc and many more services.

Our services are helpful, especially for those Middle East college and Middle East university students whose assignments or homework are very advanced and complex and for those students who cannot find the time to do their homework and assignments. The main objective behind starting these services is that we should offer high quality and affordable services to Middle East college and Middle East university students.

Our Services for the Middle East Student:

Assignment Help: Assignments are mainly those activities given to college students which can include simple to complex questions, essay writing, article writing, article discussion and interpretation, etc. At Help With Assignment, our tutors simplify your complex assignments by explaining the topic or the questions in a clear and plain language and help you in finishing your assignment.

Homework Help: Similar to assignments, homework is mostly given on a daily basis than assignments. Homework can also range from simple to complex questions, essay writing, etc. Our tutors simplify and explain the question and help you in answering the question appropriately.

Dissertation Help: As a document submitted by students at the end of academic year, dissertation can be very tough and complex in nature. Most of the time, students need some kind of professional help to complete their dissertations. At Help With Assignment, our tutors, provide the right support to students, thanks to their years of experience. They provide the best possible help to students in terms of the right topic choice and also help in completing it.

Salient features of our services

Some of the salient features of our assignment help and homework help services include

Assignment help of the highest quality: We provide the highest quality assignment help and homework services. Our work can easily earn you an A grade in your college or university. This quality is imparted to our work because our tutors use books from bestselling authors and standard and prescribed books. They also make sure that the content is perfect.

Plagiarism free: At, we have a policy which strictly prohibits plagiarism in any form. Our tutors are very much cautious about it and try to refer each and every sentence as much as possible assignment or homework in the references and bibliography properly.

Highly qualified tutors : At, we only hire the best candidates. All of our tutors are at least post graduates and some even possess doctoral degrees. They are selected through rigorous selection procedures. We have strict policies that we follow while hiring our tutors. This is to make sure that we only hire the best tutors. Our tutors have earned their post graduate and doctoral degrees earned from some of the best universities and institutes in the US, the UK and from the Middle East.

Perfect grammar, spelling and appropriate language: As mentioned earlier, our tutors are post grads and doctorate holders. Hence, they’ve seem the academic world for themselves. Thus, they are very much cautious about using appropriate grammar, correct spelling and academically sound language in their homework help and assignment help.

Timely deliverance: Our tutors are also very careful about delivering the work on time.  We strive not just in offering the best quality assignment help, but sending it on time is also a condition. And, our tutors make every effort to deliver each and every assignment or homework on time.

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Not able to make up your mind?

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