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Conducting a thesis or writing a dissertation paper on marketing is pretty challenging but HelpWithAssignment makes it much easier for you. Our marketing dissertation experts are all equipped with both MBA and Ph.D. in the subject and can assist you with marketing research proposals along with marketing research, a marketing dissertation for your MBA course, and a marketing thesis for your Ph.D. It doesn’t matter if you are a graduate, post-graduate, or doctoral student, our team of marketing dissertation experts is equipped with the knowledge and the experience to deliver you a top-quality marketing research paper.

Marketing management as a subject requires an in-depth understanding of the surrounding environment and for that reason, our team of marketing assignment experts, with their extensive knowledge and exposure can help you get an A+ and A in your marketing case study or marketing project. Now if you are stuck with your marketing research on consumer behavior or branding, there is no need to get all depressed as our team of marketing assignment experts has extensive knowledge in writing marketing research reports along with marketing research proposals and we can guarantee you that the marketing homework help provided them will help you climb the stairs of success in the field of marketing management

Marketing Dissertation writing involves various steps:

Marketing Dissertation Topic Ideation: We help you by brainstorming on possible Dissertation topics. This is an important step because wrongs here cannot be undone later! We help chose a topic that is worthy to be worked on – this is the essence of any marketing Dissertation writing work. We will discuss and decide whether you want to conduct research on consumer behavior or pricing strategy and based on our mutual understanding we will finalize a topic that you can propose to your professor.

Marketing Dissertation Proposal Help: Here, we detail the topic, why it is worth studying, the specific marketing research questions we are trying to assess, whether our research is qualitative, quantitative, or both, and the work plan using a Gantt chart. If it is a team of students doing the Dissertation, the tasks need to be divided based on individual competencies, interests, and time constraints.

Literature Review: Some work would have certainly been done in the past on the topic and the specific methodology being used by you. You need to have a comprehensive literature survey reporting all advances in the field and the gap which you are trying to fill in

Marketing Surveys and Evaluation: Depending on the nature of the topic, several surveys would be performed. We will help you design a decent questionnaire and then after decoding all the responses we will get our desired data, in case we are doing a marketing dissertation or thesis based on primary market research.

Statistical Analysis: Again, depending on the kind of experiments and the hypothesis and research questions, different kinds of analysis might need to be performed. These could range from statistical analysis, and plotting of data to infer results, etc.

Results and Conclusion: Based on the analysis done results and conclusions are drawn and presented in the form of charts or tables

Putting it all together: Finally, the dissertation paper should come out as a concise and coherent piece of write-up that reflects the original work that has gone in

These 7 steps are what we excel in. Unlike other assignments, putting all of this together requires a higher degree of expertise which is not available easily. Our panels of PhD-level thesis writers help us deliver these steps in a plagiarism-free, structured, and high-quality manner.

What to expect from marketing degrees

Marketing degrees are also available at the undergraduate level both as a BA (Bachelor of Arts) or a BS (Bachelor of Science). The main difference between a Marketing BA and a Marketing BS is that a BA involves more of an emphasis on humanities, while BS focuses more on the scientific, mathematical, and technological aspects of the subject.

Generally marketing degrees last three to four years at the bachelor’s level, but in some countries, it is possible to do a two-year associate’s degree (also called a foundation degree) and still qualifies to work in a marketing position. A bachelor’s degree is generally more likely to lead to higher-paying jobs with more responsibility.

Marketing degrees are usually taught using a combination of lectures, tutorials, or seminars, case study analyses, and market research projects, with coursework and exams used for assessment. Some marketing degrees also include the opportunity to gain professional accreditations from organizations such as the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM), the Communication Advertising and Marketing Foundation (CAM), PRINCE2, and Google Analytics.

Topics Covered in Marketing Thesis or Dissertation Help

  • Market Segment Analysis
  • Consumer Behavior
  • Marketing Mix
  • Service Marketing
  • Branding
  • Pricing Strategy
  • Distribution, warehousing, and Logistics
  • Market Research 

Backgrounds of Our Online Marketing Assignment Experts

  • Equipped with a Ph.D. in the Effects of Brand-Repositioning on Consumer Behavior, our lead marketing thesis writer is a guest lecturer at the Kellogg School of Management. With his in-depth knowledge and understanding of the market segments and consumer behavior, she is indeed one of the best marketing assignment experts in the industry and HelpWithAssignment boasts her association as a marketing assignment expert for more than 8 years now.
  • Currently working with the Brand Management team of a leading FMCG brand in Belgium he has recently completed his MBA from INSEAD, France, and works as a marketing dissertation expert with us for the last 4 years. He is an expert in marketing research proposal writing and designing questionnaires.
  • Pursuing Ph.D. from Harvard University she joined us on July 2015. Now a part of a leading Advertising Agency in California, United States, she helps our clients with marketing research proposals, marketing projects, marketing research, and marketing thesis writing.

Why choose

Why seek help with your marketing thesis or dissertation?

There are in fact more reasons than one to approach us for marketing dissertation help. How many times do you feel that someone could just do the marketing dissertation and get you to get good grades?

Specially Written For You: Your marketing dissertation paper should not ideally match someone else’s. Also, your marketing research proposal should be as novel as it can be! Our team of marketing assignment experts knows that and will deliver you unique marketing homework help which will be only presented by you to your professor.

Talk with a Marketing Assignment Expert: It is not just about delivering you the marketing dissertation but we as an e-learning website encourage one-to-one online discussion sessions with our marketing assignment experts to help you understand better.

Unlimited Iteration: You know as well as we do that your marketing dissertation or marketing thesis wouldn’t end in one go. Constant questions from your professor need to be answered and feedback to be incorporated and so we at HwA provide you with as many numbers of iterations as you require in your marketing dissertation.

Affordable Rates: We will not hurt your purse more than the money we believe in building long-term associations with our clients.

What do Our Marketing Thesis and Dissertation Help Customers Have to Say?

I was really not sure how to approach my marketing dissertation in the final year of my MBA course. I was interested in analyzing the pricing strategies but that was not enough. Then after a chat session with the marketing dissertation expert here at HwA, I narrowed down my idea and worked on a paper on the price competition in the toiletries market of the UK. I got an A+ in my marketing research proposal and A in my final marketing dissertation”.   –Martin Dooston

For me the choice was simple. I relied on HwA for my marketing dissertation paper during my MBA days and so I assigned them the responsibility of writing the marketing thesis paper during my Ph.D. My trust was valued as HwA was there with me during every step of my marketing thesis assignment”.   –Laura Geldard

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HelpWithAssignment provides timely help at affordable charges with detailed answers to your assignments, homework, research paper writing, research critique, case studies, or term papers so that you get to understand your assignments better apart from having the answers. The team has helped a number of students pursue education through regular and online universities, institutes, or online Programs.

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