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Get Instant Help with HRMN 406 Employee Training and Development

If you have opted for HRMN 406 course, we will help you in your assessment of employee training and development in different organizations. The topics that we will help you with include the development, management, and assessment of training programs; employee development; career advancement; and organizational change. We will help you in understanding the issues in employee development which includes evaluation of employee skills, opportunities for learning and development, and the roles of supervisors in employee development which are explored in this course.

Here are some of the questions that we can help you with:

Week 1 HRMN 406 Discussion Post 

  1. Provide an example of when you were trained?  What was the purpose of the training? How did you benefit? How did the organization benefit?

Week 2 HRMN 406 Discussion Post 

Topic 1

  1.   How can training be designed to motivate learning and accommodate trainee differences? Consider learning styles, adult learning theories, and motivation.

Topic 2

  1.        What is your motivation for participating in training and applying training to your job and future development? As you develop your answer, consider need-based theories, process-based theories, and intrinsic vs. extrinsic factors

Week 3 HRMN 406 Discussion Post 

Topic 1

  1.   Part A: Compare and contrast the ADDIE Model with another instructional design model (such as Dick & Carey or Kemp - or another model that you have researched). What are the strengths and weaknesses of the different models? 
  2. Part B: After reviewing the training models and methodologies from this week's reading list, which approach would you be inclined to use or suggest for designing and developing training? Provide your rationale.

Topic 2

  1.   Step 1 of assignment 1 provides the foundation for an effective and valid training needs analysis (TNA). Review step 1 of assignment 1 and post a summary/draft of your training issue from an organizational perspective. Include high level information about the organization and the high-level problem or challenge driving the need for training (not an individual level skill deficiency for this step). Your response should be a minimum of two paragraphs.

Week 4 HRMN 406 Discussion Post 

Topic 1 

  1.   Part A: Why are training objectives so critical to effective training and to course design? Be sure to discuss how are they relevant to instructors, learners, and course designers.
  2. Part B: Conduct an online search for training/educational courses that state the intended learning objectives. Find two examples to share with the class: one that you consider "good" and one that you would consider "poor".  For each, provide the rationale for your selection.

Topic 2

  1.   Compare and contrast the advantages and disadvantages of web-based or multimedia training with face-to-face training. As a designer, what learner/audience factors would you consider when selecting a delivery method?

Week 5 HRMN 406 Discussion Post 

Topic 1

  1.   Consider a training course you have taken in the last several years.  Which aspects of the training did you find most impactful (e.g., participant guide or other handouts, the learning activities, any pre/post work)? Why did you find these useful?

Topic 2

  1.   What are competencies and why are they popular in training departments? How are competency models related to job analysis?

Week 6 HRMN 406 Discussion Post 

Topic 1

  1.   Your subject matter expert (SME) likely plays a role in the design and development of training. What role (if any) should the SME play in the implementation of the training? What factors might impact this role?

Topic 2

  1.   What would you recommend an organization do to ensure that everyone receives equitable access to training opportunities?

Week 7 HRMN 406 Discussion Post 

Topic 1

  1.   Look at Kirkpatrick's four levels of evaluation and justify why you would use all these levels even though your boss was interested only in the last one (results).

Note: explain why each level of evaluation is important, in detail, for each level.

Topic 2

  1.   In your assignments, you are asked to create an evaluation tool to assess your training plan. Surveys are the most common form of assessment, but there are other choices. Name one evaluation tool other than a survey and identify how it could be used in your training plan.  Explain why this tool would be an effective way to assess your training objectives.

Week 8 HRMN 406 Discussion Post 

Topic 1

  1.   Companies are looking to cut costs. Unfortunately, some of the first cuts are felt in the training department. If you were a manager of a training division, how would you sell training as an important entity to your company?

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