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If you have opted for HRMN 400 course, we will help you in defining the role of human resource management in the strategic planning and functioning of organizations, performance evaluation frameworks, and remuneration and labor/management issues. The objective is to examine and assess issues and present vital solutions. We will help you analyze the impact of government guidelines (including equal opportunity, sexual harassment, discrimination, and other work-related guidelines). An audit of research discoveries, readings, discourses, contextual investigations, and pertinent government guidelines is supported through critical evaluation, which we will help you decipher and understand.

HRMN 400 Assignment Help

Here are some of the questions that we can help you with:

Week 1 HRMN 400 Discussion Post 

1. Describe, in your own words (but using the course material provided and/or other research sources):

a)  Generally, what has influenced the Human Resource Management function over the past ten years toward serving in the role of a strategic partner or leader in the organization?

b)  What could be holding HR professionals back from serving in the strategic HR role?

c)  List at least two items for the positive contextual influences and two items for the negative contextual influences that will impact the HR function from today forward.

Week 2 HRMN 400 Discussion Post 

Explain why job analysis is crucial to the effective management of organizations. Include the following in your answers:

a) How does a job analysis help managers do their jobs better?

b)  How does a job analysis relate to job descriptions and job specifications?

c) Why is it beneficial to have someone from outside the organization conduct the job analysis?

Week 3 HRMN 400 Discussion Post 

We have many methods of recruiting employees. In recent years, with the advances of information technology and the WWW, new methods are now available that were not used even ten years ago. List three methods for recruiting entry-level managers, and share what you see as the advantages, disadvantages, and risks of each of the three methods for recruitment.

Week 4 HRMN 400 Discussion Post 

Select three methods for conducting an evaluation of an employee’s performance. Tell us what level of employee (management, administrative, clerical, laborer, etc.) would you use this method to evaluate. Finally, provide the advantages and disadvantages of each method

Week 5 HRMN 400 Discussion Post 

Select three methods for training (such as online training, on-the-job training, computer simulation, or others found in the reading material for this week).

  •         Hands-On/On-the-job Training/Apprenticeship
  •         Classroom/Instructor-led Training
  •         Computer-Based Training

Give a short description of the method, and which audiences it best serves (leaders, managers, administrative staff, production workers, and customer service employees just as some examples)

Week 6 HRMN 400 Discussion Post 

a) Discuss the benefits, challenges, and tradeoffs of pay-for-performance, or merit pay. How would a pay-for-performance policy support the organization’s strategic goals? What factors should be considered in evaluating the effectiveness of this practice?

Week 7 HRMN 400 Discussion Post 

Discuss the relationship between the concepts of employee relations and performance management. Include in your response the following:

  • The impact of employee issues on individual and organizational performance. Discuss at least one example.
  • The difference between performance issues and conduct issues and how to ethically and effectively handle each situation, including terminations.
  • How workplace privacy, health, and safety issues can impact employee performance and behavior. Discuss at least one example.

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HRMN 400 Assignment Help

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