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If you have opted for the HRMN 367 course, we will help you in your journey of examining at the nature, definitions, speculations, and elements of organizational culture. The objective is to apply information on organizational culture to build up a change-management plan. The investigation covers examples of conduct and their relationship to organizational culture, particularly the effect of the organization’s business on representative conduct and culture. Topics which are incorporated are the role of nationality, sex, and race within the organizational climate; ramifications of tending to organizational difficulties; hypothesis versus practice; and the overall roles of the individual, groups, and the organization from a cultural perspective.

HRMN 367 Assignment Help

Here are some of the questions that we can help you with:

Week 1 HRMN 367 Discussion Post:

Activity #1 – Introductions

Welcome to our course discussions!

Post an introduction explaining why you are taking this course, what you hope to learn in the course, and an interesting fact about you and/or your professional/ educational goals. Share the name of the company you work for – this will be the company that you use for your project in this class. 

Feel free to communicate your message in an advanced way, such as audio, video or a Web 2.0 tool.  If you choose this option, it would also be helpful to post a text version.

Activity #2 – Organizational Culture

Based on your reading of the textbook chapter, describe and give an example of an assumption in your organization. This should be a belief that is “taken for granted”, about “the way we do things here”. The attached chart may help you identify some basic assumptions.

Week 2 HRMN 367 Discussion Post:

Activity # 1

Based on the reading for this week, identify an artifact and a value in your organization. 

Describe each one in detail… 

Activity #2

Based on the interview with Schein, respond to these questions:

  1. How does Schein define culture in this interview?
  2. When does culture matter, according to Schein?
  3. Why does Schein say that “best practices” do not work?

Week 3 HRMN 367 Discussion Post:

Activity #1

The GLOBE study built on another study conducted by Geert Hofstede, one of the most comprehensive studies of how values in the workplace are influenced by culture. In Hofstede’s study, he describes and measures 6 cultural dimensions – some of which were also used in the GLOBE study: Power Distance, Individualism, Masculinity, Uncertainty Avoidance, Long Term Orientation, and Indulgence. 

1) Go to this page:

and select the United States.

2) Then select under Comparison Country any country of your choice. 

3) What can you tell us about the difference between the U.S. and the other country?

Week 4 HRMN 367 Discussion Post:

Activity #1 – Analyzing Your Organizational Culture

Using the tips from the article Understanding Your Company’s Culture, complete an analysis of your organizational culture. Describe what you learned about your organization’s culture here, using detail and examples. Research has shown that cultural alignment improves morale and productivity. Based on what you learned about your own organization, how well aligned is it with your own values and beliefs?  How does this impact your behavior and/or performance?

Week 5 HRMN 367 Discussion Post:

Activity #1

What is the difference between climate and culture?

Activity #2:

What is the difference between using a qualitative approach to studying culture and using a quantitative approach? Which do you think is better suited to analyze organizational culture?

Week 6 HRMN 367 Discussion Post:

Activity #1 

Think of a recent change that happened in your organization. Try to focus on a large change, not just a small change in artifacts, such as a form. It might be a policy change, a change in leadership, a change in organizational goals. Think about how it was implemented. 

Based on Kotter’s 8 steps, describe the change. Did your organization follow each step? If so, describe how. If not, describe how “skipping” that step may have impacted the change and how employees responded to it.

Week 7 HRMN 367 Discussion Post:

Activity #1

Piderit (2000) believes that the definition of the term resistance must incorporate a much broader scope. She states that “a review of past empirical research reveals three different emphases in conceptualizations of resistance: as a cognitive state, as an emotional state, and as a behavior” (p. 784).

The notion that employee resistance can be overcome cognitively suggests that negative thoughts or beliefs about the change exist. Piderit sites, “Watson (1982) who suggests that what is often labeled as resistance is, in fact, only reluctance. Armenakis, Harris, and Mossholder (1993) define resistance in behavioral terms but suggest that another state precedes it: is a cognitive state they call (un)-readiness” (2000, p. 785). 

What is your understanding of these three types of resistance (use your own words)? Give an example of each type.

Week 8 HRMN 367 Discussion Post:

Activity #1

In 1-3 paragraph, summarize what you learned about culture and change in this course.

In the body of your paragraph(s), use at least four citations from different sources from the course materials. 

At the end of your paragraph(s), list your references. 

Activity # 2

What resource or assignment helped you the most in this class?

Which topic do you wish had been dealt with in more depth or was it difficult to understand?

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