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If you have opted for HRMN 302 course, we will help you in your journey of understanding the structure of communication in organizations. The objective is to apply theoretical knowledge and guides to improve managerial effectiveness in communication and exchange. Conflicts, issues, and methods of organizational communication across various organizational hierarchies are analyzed through HRMN 302 discussions, HRMN 302 group projects, and HRMN 302 case study investigations or HRMN 302 case study analysis, exercises and projects.

The HRMN 302 course is a greeting to organizational communication. In these modules, we will help you to investigate the theories, structure, and procedures of communication among people, organizations, and social orders. We will enable you to concentrate on communication competency as a founding principle of organizational change and viability, and address the idea of that competency at individual, group, and organizational levels. We will help you with any homework help associated with the HRMN 302 course which also reviews communication from an organizational culture perspective.

HRMN 302 Assignment Help

As the course investigates specific ideas and practices, these skills fill in as a connection between theory and practical knowledge, going through cases, models, and questions. The calculated structure that gives the establishment to this course is represented below:

Extent of Analysis of Communication and Culture

Culture is formed, acquired, and transmitted through communication (human association). The mutual culture (ancient rarities, qualities, and presumptions) likewise makes and shapes communication behaviors. To help you better understand this relationship as mentioned in the course HRMN 302, we will help you observe the culture and communication at the different degrees of examination: individual, group, organization, and society.

We will help you finish this course, where you will be able to apply suitable communication media and techniques as indicated by the situational need in organizational settings:

Apply communication speculations or theories to organizational communication structures

Identify and react usefully to cultural contrasts or cultural differences in communication

Evaluate the elements of an organization to direct a review

Here are some of the discussion questions that we can help you with:

Week 1

Activity 1

In this week’s video Professor Koschmann moves beyond conventional views of organizational communication. Reflect for a moment on the video ideas.

  • What does Professor Koschmann mean by the “flat earth” approach?
  • Why do you believe this approach inadequate?

Post your responses to at least one of your colleagues’ posts.

Activity 2

The questions in this activity relate to Chapter 2 in your textbook.

  • First, develop and share your thoughts about the definition of language. What is language?
  • What are some of the ways language can be an obstacle to communication?
  • Select one of your obstacles and share your personal example/experience.
  • What strategies could have been employed to address any of the obstacles you identified?

Be sure to develop your ideas fully and then respond to at least 1 of your colleagues.

Week 2

Activity 1

As we’ve learned from our readings this week, culture plays a significant role in communication. In other words, how we communicate depends on our own culture and the culture of the person with whom we are communicating.

  • Take the self- assessment (located in the Week 2 Activity area 
  • Cultural Dimensions Self-Assessment)
  • Share your observations about your results.
  • Were they what you expected? 
  • Identify your biggest challenge in dealing with cross-cultural communication.
  • Develop content-rich responses to the posts of at least two of your colleagues.

Activity 2

Select a country with a name starting with the first letter of your first or last name. Try not to duplicate countries. First come, first served. You may reserve a country by posting a response with a country name in the subject line and then come back and edit it later.

  • When submitting your response in the Subject line, type the country name, for example: Canada.
  • Describe the communication practices in that county and demonstrate what you have learned about organizational communication styles for the country you selected.
  • Over the remainder of the week, read and thoughtfully comment on two of your classmates’ postings.
  • Develop content-rich responses to the posts of at least two of your colleagues.

Week 3

Activity 1

  • Conduct a brief internet search and locate a piece of business writing. Be sure to provide a link to the page for us.
  • Develop and share your in-depth analysis of the writing using 8 of the concepts discussed in chapter 4 of the text.
  • Respond to the ideas shared by at least 2 of your colleagues.

Activity 2

As you read chapter 6 of your text, reflect on your own writing skills.

  • How did you learn how to write?
  • Briefly describe your writing strengths and weaknesses
  • Describe the steps you plan to take to bolster your strengths and turn around your weaknesses. Be specific.
  • Be sure to respond to the postings of at least 2 of your colleagues.

Week 4


With this activity you will develop your analysis of a TED talk – 

  1. Select a “talk” (aka presentation or speech) that interests you from the 3,000+ TED Talks (length 6 minutes or less). Be sure to include the hyperlink to the “talk” you selected so we can view the presentation.

FYI: TED Talks was selected because each speech video should have enough depth or substance, and video quality to allow close viewing and analysis.

  1. Review chapters 10, 11 and 12 of your text.
  2. Listen to the presentation several times, paying close attention to how the individual uses non-verbal communication, composes sentences, and organizes thoughts, etc.
  3. Use the outline below to structure your analysis:

Note: When you post your analysis, include the a) Ted talk presenter, b) title of the Ted talk, and c) be sure to include the hyperlink to the “talk” you selected so we can view the presentation.

  1. Purpose: General and specific purpose (and implied if different from stated purpose)
    1. Non-verbal delivery
    2. Movement in Your Speech
    3. Visual Aids
  2. Strategies for Success
    1. Pathos: tone, emphasis, engagement
    2. Logos: clarity, conciseness, arrangement
    3. Ethos: credibility, expectation, reference
  3. Style
    1. Appeals (to emotions, logic, ethos)
    2. Figurative language (similes, metaphors, symbols, imagery)
    3. Use of language, word choices (diction)
    4. Passive or active voice
    5. Simple or complex sentences; short or long sentences
  4. Oral strategies and tactics
    1. Music
    2. Volume
    3. Speech patterns (articulation, intonation, emphasis)
    4. Other sound effects

Be sure to develop your analysis using the variables in all 5 of the areas above.

Make sure you develop your arguments and ideas thoroughly. Then develop thoughtful responses to the ideas shared by at least 2 of your colleagues.

Week 5

Activity 1: Informative Speech

First, you want to write a short informative speech, just two pages long, using any one of the following speech types: (1) explanation, (2) report, (3) description, or (4) demonstration. You want to draw on the concepts in Chapter 13 to guide your efforts. Post your speech text in the discussion thread area. Then develop and record a brief summary of your speech ideas. The system allows for 1 minute audio files so plan accordingly. 


Activity 2: Persuasive Speech

First, you want to write a short persuasive speech, just two pages long, using any one of the following five speech types: (1) stimulate, (2) convince, (3) call to action, (4) increase consideration, or (5) develop tolerance of alternate perspectives. Use the Principles of Persuasion in Chapter 14 to develop your speech. Post your speech text in the discussion thread area. Then develop and record a brief summary of your speech ideas. The system allows for 1 minute audio files so plan accordingly.

Week 6

Activity 1

Think of a situation in your job in which you need to communicate a negative message.

  1. Develop a written message that states the message clearly.
  2. Describe how you would present the negative message in person

Draw on the four parts of a negative message reviewed in the text: (1) Buffer or cushion, (2) Explanation, (3) Negative News, and (4) Redirect

Activity 2

  • Select one of the scenarios based on your birth month from the linked document (link-Scenarios for Crisis Communication.docx). Please remember to state the month you have selected.
  • Develop a crisis communication plan for your selected scenario. See Section 17.3 of your text to learn about the components of an effective crisis plan and please follow the steps provided in the text in your response.

Week 7

Think of a problem encountered in the past by a group of which you are a member.

  1. What was the problem?
  2. Begin your analysis by defining the group. What type of group was it?
  3. At what stage of development was the group (please refer to text for more information)?
  4. Share your thoughts about how the group communicated to solve the problem.
  5. Identify which step(s) the group utilized in their resolution efforts, using the Seven-Step Framework we learned about this week
  6. Do you think that if the group followed the full seven-step framework, resolution would have been quicker or less contentious?

Develop and post your analysis and then share thoughtful comments on two classmate’s ideas. 

Week 8

Activity 1: Reflect, Communicate

Select ANY topic covered during this course and prepare a PowerPoint Presentation communicating what you learned about it, and why it is important.

  • Imagine that this is an informal presentation to an audience that knows nothing about the topic.
  • Use a maximum of 7 Slides including cover and reference page. Please make good use of the notes section of each slide.
  • HAVE FUN with this presentation – feel free to use audio or embedded video if you wish!
  • Give your feedback and say your goodbyes to at least two classmates.
  • Please post original response by Thursday at 11:59 pm EST. 

Activity 2: Achieving the course outcomes

Take you time to reflect on questions 1 to 3 below, and answer all questions separately in a single discussion thread

  1. To what degree do you believe you have achieved the Course Outcomes?
  2. Which one assignment or reading contributed most to your learning?
  3. Which one question or area of interest, if any, could have been explored more?

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