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Financial Statement Analysis

Financial Statements are compilation of data which are logically and consistently organized according to the prevalent Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP). Common types of Financial Statements are Balance Sheet, Income Statement and Cash Flow Statement.

Financial statement analysis involves application of analytical tools and techniques to financial statements in order to derive relationship between them so as to ease decision making. It forms the basis of most financial and investment decisions taken across the world for various purposes from buying a stock in the capital markets to buying a company to raising money from the investors or financial institutions. However, it only complements subjective and judgmental decision making.

Principal tools of financial statement analysis are:

Ratio Analysis
A ratio provides a mathematical relationship between two variables. Ratios help reveal relationship and analyse trends of various components in the financial statements. Different people use different ratios for various purposes. Most common ratios used are categorized into

Liquidity Ratios
Current Ratio = Current Assets / Current Liabilities
Quick Ratio = (Current Assets – Inventories) / Current Liabilities
Accounts Receivable Turnover Ratio = Net credit Sales / Average Accounts Receivable
Inventory Turnover Ratio = Cost of Goods Sold / Average Inventory

Profitability Ratios
Gross Profit Margin Ratio = Gross Profit / Net Sales
Net Profit Margin Ratio = Net Profit / Net Sales
Asset Turnover = Sales / Average Assets
Return on Equity = Net Income / Average Equity
Earning Power = EBIT / Average Total Assets

Comparative Analysis refers to preparation of financial statements for comparative periods or comparative companies and analysing trends.

Common Size Statements refers to analysing each component of Income statement as a percent of sales and each element of Balance sheet as a percent of Total Assets.

DuPont Analysis refers to analysing the Return on Equity and breaking it down into various components like Net Profit Margin, Assets Turnover Ratio and the like.

Financial Statement Analysis Assignment Help

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Financial Statement Analysis Assignment Help

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