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Electrochemistry is that branch of science that involves the interaction of electrical energy and chemistry. Many of our daily activities use some form of electrochemistry. We cannot imagine our life without batteries. What immediately comes to mind is the loss of power from our portable electronic devices. While the world would certainly be an inconvenience, consider the more critical needs of those battery-powered wheelchairs, hearing aids, or heart pacemakers.

The phenomenon called electricity has been observed since the earliest days of humans. Lightning struck fear in our pre-historic ancestors and led to supernatural explanations for the displays accepted today as a natural atmospheric occurrence. The modern study of electricity commenced with the publication of William Gilbert’s De Magnete in 1600. Gilbert coined the word electricity from the Greek word “elektron” and proposed that Earth acted as a giant magnet.

During the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, several individuals made significant contributions to the science of electricity. Otto von Guericke created one of the first electrostatic generators by building a sphere of sulfur that could be rotated to accumulate and hold an electric charge. Numerous devices were built to generate static electricity through friction and other instruments in the form of plates, jars and probes were constructed to hold and transfer change. One of the most poplar of these devices was the Leyden Jar, which was perfected at the University of Leyden by the Dutch physicist Pieter van Musschenbroek. The original Leyden jar was a globular shaped glass container filled with water fitted with an insulated stopper. A nail or wire extended through the stopper into the water. The Leyden Jar was changed by contacting the end of the protruding nail with an electrostatic generator. Leyden Jars are still used in science laboratories.

Charles Du Fay observed that charged objects both attracted and repelled objects and explained this by positing that electricity consisted of two different kinds of fluids. Du  Fay called the two fluids vitreous and resinous electricity and said each of these two different fluids attracted each other, but repelled itself. Benjamin Franklin, also considered electricity as a fluid, but he considered electricity as a single fluid. He considered the fluid either present, positively charged or absent, negatively charged and said that the electrical fluid flowed from positive to negative. The practice of defining electricity as flowing between positive and negative poles can be attributed to Franklin.

The birth of electrochemistry paralleled the birth of modern chemistry. Both occurred at the end of the eighteenth century and grew out of conflicting theories supported by eminent scientists of that time.

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