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Electrical Machines Assignment Help

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Electrical machines is one of the most important topics of electrical engineering. Writing an assignment for this topic is no easy task. It needs in-depth knowledge of the processes and theories such as power electronic converters, motion control and servo drives, energy storage and management, and so on.

With Masters and PhD degrees in the subject, and years of experience in writing online assignment solutions, the tutors at HwA know exactly how to handle even the most complex questions. If you are having trouble finding sufficient time to do proper research for your electrical machines assignment and electrical machines homework, simply seek help from the experts at HwA.

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Electrical Machines Assignment Help

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About Electrical Machines and Electrical Machines Assignment Help:

The electrical machines device is an electromechanical energy conversion gadget that provides and processes power to the load. The exact same electric device can run as a motor to convert electrical power to mechanical power or operate as a generator to transform mechanical power to electrical power. The electrical device in conjunction with the power electronic converter and the connected controller makes the motor drive. The power electronic converter is made from solid state devices and handles the circulation of bulk power from the source to the motor input terminals. The advances in the power semiconductor innovation over the past several decades allowed the advancement of compact, trustworthy and efficient DC and AC Electrical machines motor drives.

The exhaustive list of topics in Electrical Machines in which we provide Help with Homework Assignment and Help with Project is as follows:

Single phase transformers:

  • Magnetic circuits, Ampere’s law, linear and nonlinear magnetic circuits; Faraday’s law of electromagnet induction.
  • Concept of an ideal transformer, assumptions; ideal transformer at no load and on load, phasor diagram, voltage current and power relations; basic construction of a practical single phase transformer, conceptual differences with an ideal transformer.
  • Constructional details of a practical single phase transformer, core, winding,insulation and cooling methods; circuit model of a practical transformer incorporating an ideal transformer.
  • Analysis of a practical single phase transformer, exact and approximate equivalent circuits, phasor diagram, relation between referred variables and parameters, per unit system of representation.

Testing and performance of single phase transformers:

  • Experimental determination of single phase transformer equivalent circuit parameters, Open circuit and short circuit tests, per unit parameters; worked out example.
  • Percentage regulation of a single phase transformer, phasor diagram, derivation, per unit representation; worked out example.
  • Efficiency of a single phase transformer, maximum efficiency, all day efficiency; Sumpner’s test for experimental determination of a single phase transformer efficiency.

Three phase transformers:

  • Bank of three single phase transformers, voltage, current and kVA rating with different connections, open . connection; worked out example.
  • Three phase transformer as a single unit; constructional features, three limb,five limb, core type and shell type constructions; comparison with bank of three single phase transformers.
  • Three phase transformer connections, polarity and terminal convention,vector groups; Y/Y and ./. connections, connection and phasor diagram,per phase equivalent circuit based analysis.
  • Y/.and ./Y connections. Connection and phasor diagrams, per phaseequivalent circuit based analysis; worked out examples.
  • Y/Z and ./Z connections. Connection and phasor diagrams, voltage,current relations.

Operation and performance of three phase transformers:

  • Tap changing transformer.
  • Parallel operation of single and three phase transformers, conditions and connection diagrams, per phase equivalent circuit based analysis with equal and unequal no load voltages, load sharing.
  • Harmonics and switching transients in transformers, effect of transformer connections, inrush current.

Special purpose transformers.

  • Single and three phase three winding transformer, equivalent circuit, phasor diagram, tests.
  • Single and three phase autotransformers, advantages, equivalent circuit and phasor diagram.
  • Three phase to two phase conversion using Scott connection, connection and phasor diagram, analysis with balanced and unbalanced loads.

Construction and operating principle of three phase induction machines:

  • Basic constructional features of round rotor polyphase ac machines. Airgap mmf and flux waveforms due to single phase distributed winding.
  • Airgap mmf and flux waveform in round rotor machines due to balanced three phase distributed winding excited by balanced three phase alternating current, rotating magnetic field.
  • Generated voltage and torque expression in three phase round rotor ac machine with distributed winding.
  • Construction and types of three phase induction machines, wound rotor and squirrel cage induction machines; representation of the squirrel cage by a balanced three phase winding.
  • Basic operating principle, motoring and generating mode of operation, generated rotor voltage, synchronous speed, slip speed, per unit slip.

Analysis of three phase induction machines:

  • Exact and approximate per phase equivalent circuit; phasor diagram under no load and loaded condition.
  • Power flow diagram in a three phase induction machine, airgap power, slip power, mechanical power; torque-slip and current-slip characteristics.
  • Starting torque, breakdown slip, breakdown torque, maximum mechanical power, effect of equivalent circuit parameters.

Testing of three phase induction machines:

  • No load and blocked rotor tests for determining equivalent circuit parameters; losses and efficiency.
  • Induction machine performance computation from circle diagram.
  • Cogging torque and crawling; induction machines with deep bar and double cage rotors.

Starting and speed control of three phase induction machines:

  • Direct on line starting, stator resistance and reactance based starting, rotor resistance based starting.
  • Y/. and auto transformer based starting; worked out examples.
  • Speed control of induction motors by stator voltage variation and pole changing techniques.
  • Variable frequency speed control of induction machines, v/f control method, slip power control method.

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Electrical Machines Assignment Help

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