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What is Digital Forensics?

Digital forensics is the process of interpreting and uncovering electronic data. Its goal is to preserve any evidence in its most original form while performing a structured investigation by identifying, collecting and validating the digital information for the purpose of reconstructing past events. Digital forensics is a little different from Computer forensics. Computer forensics involves the analysis of computers and electronic devices in order to produce legal evidence of a crime or unauthorized action.

The most common application of digital forensics is to support or refute a hypothesis before criminal or civil courts. Often criminal cases involve the alleged breaking of laws that are defined by legislation and which are enforced by the police and prosecuted by the state, such as theft, murder, and assault against the person. On the other hand, civil cases deal with protecting the rights and property of individuals but may also be concerned with contractual disputes between commercial entities were a form of digital forensics referred to as electronic discovery may be involved.

Some of the topics we cater to in digital forensics assignment help include:

  • Basic Principles and methodologies for digital forensics.
  • Network Forensics.
  • Digital Crime Scene Investigation Process.
  • Techniques and standards for Preservation of Data.
  • Data analysis and validation.
  • Rules of Evidence – general concepts and differences between jurisdictions and Chain of Custody.
  • Digital Evidence methods and standards.
  • OS/File System Forensics.
  • Application Forensics.
  • Mobile Device Forensics.
  • Search and Seizure of evidence, e.g., computers, including search warrant issues.
  • Computer/network/system attacks.
  • Legal and Reporting Issues including working as an expert witness.

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Digital Forensics Assignment Help

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Background of our experts:

  • Our digital forensics expert has a Ph.D. in security policies in information technology and now working as a systems analyst with Cisco. She has a great understanding of the latest developments in the field and is proficient in coding and error-free assignment writing.
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Digital Forensics Assignment Help

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