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Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) is the branch of fluid mechanics which uses numerical analysis and data structures to solve and analyze problems that involve fluid flows. It is a methodology for obtaining a discrete solution of real-world fluid problems. Discrete solution is obtained at a finite collection of space points and at discrete time levels.

Computational techniques replace the governing partial equations with systems of algebraic equations that are much easier to solve using computers. The steady improvement in computing power, since the 1350’s, this has led to the emergence of CFD. This branch of fluid dynamics complements experimental and theoretical fluid dynamics by providing alternative potentially cheaper means of testing fluid flow systems. It also can allow for the testing of conditions which are not possible or extremely difficult to measure experimentally and are not amenable to analytic solutions.

CFD techniques have emerged with the advent of digital computers. Since then, a large number of numerical methods were developed to solve flow problems using this approach. The purpose of a flow simulation is to find out how the flow behaves in a given system for a given set on inlet and outlet conditions. These conditions are usually termed boundary conditions.

CFD techniques are mainly used in aerospace, automotive and biomedical industries.

  1. Aerospace Applications
    CFD methods are now widely used in most aerospace applications for the purposes of predicting component performance and as an integral part of the design cycle. The applications of CFD techniques in aerospace are numerous.
  2. Automotive Applications
    Nowadays, CFD techniques are used in a large number of areas including engine components, auxiliary systems and also for modeling the aerodynamics of the car to minimize drag and optimize the downforce under various operating conditions.
  3. Biomedical Applications
    In biomedical applications, CFD is used to model the flow of blood in the heart and vessels the flow in heart assist devices and various other fluid equipment such as drug and anesthetic devices and inhalers.

Some of the CFD topics we help with:

  • Governing Equation of Fluid Dynamics
  • Outline of Numerical Techniques for PDEs
  • Lax-Wendroff Method, Mac Cormack’s Scheme
  • Finite Volume Method
  • Finite Element Method and Application to CFD
  • Viscous Flows, Boundary Layers
  • Staggered Grid, MAC, Simple Algorithm, SOLA Algorithm
  • Numerical Techniques for Incompressible Flows
  • Application to Vortical Flows, Electro-Hydrodynamics

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Computational Fluid Dynamics Assignment Help

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Computational Fluid Dynamics Assignment Help

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At HelpWithAssignment our online computational fluid dynamics assignment experts are experienced and can help you with any form of queries and computational fluid dynanicscomputational fluid dynanics assignment help that you may require. They are known to be able to provide accurate solutions to even the most difficult computational fluid dynanicscomputational fluid dynanics problems. With the need of the day we have made sure that our online computational fluid dynanicscomputational fluid dynanics help experts are adept at the latest in computational fluid dynanicscomputational fluid dynanics software such as Auto CAD, Autodesk, Pro-Engineer, CAM, CAE, etc. 

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