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The periodic Table was produced in 1869 by Mendeleev and included all known 69 elements at that time. Mendeleev left gaps in his table for elements that had not been discovered. Soon after, other chemists began to discover new elements to fill gaps that have been left on the table.

Today chemists repeatedly refer to the periodic table to find specific information about the elements and to understand how the properties of the various elements are related to each other. In the table, we find chemical and physical similarities between elements in the same group. We can also find trends where these properties vary regularly. The periodic table summarizes a large amount of information useful to chemists and will be referred to many times.

The symbol for each element is shown in a separate box, in order of increasing atomic number from 1 to 116 with space for the undiscovered elements 113 and 115. Each box shows the atomic symbol of the element with the atomic number above the symbol and the atomic mass below the symbol.

Each row of the periodic table is called a period and may contain from 2 to 32 elements. Periods with 32 elements are usually written with 14 of the elements placed below the main table.

Chemistry Periodic Table Homework Help

Each column is called a group, and elements within groups have similar chemical and physical properties. Within a group, the closer elements are to each other, the more similar they are. The groups of the periodic table are usually numbered.

In the periodic table, each element is designated by a one or two-letter symbol. Most symbols for the elements are simple abbreviations of their English names. The symbols of the 11 elements, however, are derived from the elements’ names in other languages, especially Latin.

When chemists use atomic symbols for formulas, ions, and isotopes, they add subscripts and superscripts to the four corners of the symbol to represent various features of the atom.

The periodic table can be used quickly to determine the number of electrons and protons in a particular element. The number of neutrons may be calculated only if a specific isotopic mass of an element is known.

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