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Capital Budgeting Assignment Help 

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The Capital Budgeting Process is the process of identifying and evaluating capital projects, that is, projects where the cash flow to the firm will be received over a period longer than a year. 

Capital Budgeting

The Capital Budgeting process has the following basic steps: 

Generation of idea – generating ideas for the projects 

Analysing project proposals – preparing the cash flow forecast to analyse the profitability and feasibility of the projects 

Creating a firm wide capital budget – some projects may be individually profitable but may not fit into the strategic goals of the company as a whole. Managers should analyse if the projects fit into the overall goals and resources of the company. 

Monitoring – Capital Budgeting involves monitoring the projects even after the projects have been implemented for monitoring if the actual performance meets projections and the reasons for not meeting. 

Some of the concepts used in capital budgeting are as follows:

Discounted Payback Period

Internal Rate of Return (IRR)

MIRR (Modified Internal Rate of Return)

NPV (Net Present Value)

Profitability Index (PI)

Payback Period

Real Options

Types of Capital Budgeting Decisions 

Capital Budgeting Assignment Help


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