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HelpWithAssignment makes the world of C++ Programming language more understandable to you and helps you with programming assignments and projects requiring intensive use of object-oriented concepts. Our online C++ Programming experts are available 24×7 for one to one tutoring and assistance on programming with C programming language.

Programming languages can often leave students in a state of confusion as they start to learn about them. What you need is a little guidance and advice on how to proceed with the writing of your C++ Programming assignment. At HwA our team of online computer science tutors with expertise in the field of C++ Programming are there to help you out with all your fundamental problems as well as intensive object oriented concepts. It won’t burn a hole in your pocket either because we at HelpWithAssignment have kept our package costs keeping in mind the tight student budgets. 

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Are you struggling with C++ Programming Assignment Problems? Do you need C++ Programming Assignment Help? C++ Programming Homework Help?

Our highly qualified and skilled team members can provide you help with your C++ programming assignment and C++ programming homework. The topics which we have dealt with and are very well equipped to handle are on C++ Assignment. The detailed list is mentioned below: 

  • Types and Declarations in C++ Programming 
  • Constructors and Destructors in C++ Programming
  • Pointers, Arrays and Structures in C++ Programming
  • Expressions and Statements in C++ Programming
  • Functions in C++ Programming
  • Namespaces and Expressions in C++ Programming
  • Source Files and Programs in C++ Programming
  • Classes in C++ Programming
  • Operator Overloading in C++ Programming
  • Derived Classes in C++ Programming
  • Templates in C++ Programming
  • Exception Handling in C++ Programming
  • Class Hierarchies in C++ Programming
  • Library Organization and Containers in C++ Programming
  • Standard Containers in C++ Programming
  • Algorithms and Function Objects in C++ Programming
  • Iterators and Allocators in C++ Programming
  • Strings and Streams in C++ Programming

What is C++ Programming Language?

C++ is an object oriented programming language (OOP). It is an extension of C Programming language and was developed by Bjarne Stroustrup. C++ is a general purpose object oriented programming language, considered to be an intermediate level language encapsulating both high and low level language features. Initially, the language was called ‘C with classes’ as it had all properties of C language with an additional concept of ‘classes’. However, it was renamed to C++ in 1983.

C++ is one of the most popular languages primarily utilized with system/application software, drivers, client-server applications and embedded firmware. C++ includes several operators such as comparison, arithmetic, bit manipulation, logical operators etc. One of the most attractive features of C++ is that it enables the overloading of certain operators such as addition.

C++ is not a purely object-oriented language but a hybrid that contains the functionality of the C programming language. This means that you have all the features that are available in C: 

  • universally usable modular programs 
  • efficient, close to the machine programming 
  • portable programs for various platforms. 

The large quantities of existing C source code can also be used in C++ programs. C++ supports the concepts of object-oriented programming (or OOP for short), which are: 

  • data abstraction, that is, the creation of classes to describe objects 
  • data encapsulation for controlled access to object data 
  • inheritance by creating derived classes (including multiple derived classes) 
  • polymorphism (Greek for multiform), that is, the implementation of instructions that can have varying effects during program execution. 

Various language elements were added to C++, such as references, templates, and exception handling. Even though these elements of the language are not strictly object-oriented programming features, they are important for efficient program implementation.

Traditional Procedural Programming 

In traditional, procedural programming, data and functions (subroutines, procedures) are kept separate from the data they process. This has a significant effect on the way a program handles data: 

  • the programmer must ensure that data are initialized with suitable values before use and that suitable data are passed to a function when it is called 
  • if the data representation is changed, e.g. if a record is extended, the corresponding functions must also be modified. 

Both of these points can lead to errors and neither support low program maintenance requirements.  


Object-oriented programming shifts the focus of attention to the objects, that is, to the aspects on which the problem is centered. A program designed to maintain bank accounts would work with data such as balances, credit limits, transfers, interest calculations, and so on. An object representing an account in a program will have properties and capacities that are important for account management. 

OOP objects combine data (properties) and functions (capacities). A class defines a certain object type by defining both the properties and the capacities of the objects of that type. Objects communicate by sending each other “messages,” which in turn activate another object’s capacities.

Advantages of OOP 

Object-oriented programming offers several major advantages to software development: 

  • reduced susceptibility to errors: an object controls access to its own data. More specifically, an object can reject erroneous access attempts 
  • easy re-use: objects maintain themselves and can therefore be used as building blocks for other programs 
  • low maintenance requirement: an object type can modify its own internal data representation without requiring changes to the application.

A few of the essential concepts within C++ programming language include polymorphism, virtual and friend functions, templates, namespaces and pointers. 

With our experts to back you, you are sure to receive straight As in all your C++ Programming Assignments and C++ Programming Homework.

Background of our online C++ Programming assignment tutors:

At HelpWithAssignment we are proud to have onboard a team of highly qualified and extensively experienced online C++ programming assignment experts holding masters, Ph.D. and even high-grade graduates who are currently pursuing their masters.

  • Holding a Ph.D. in Computer Science from one of the leading institutes of Minnesota he has over ten years of experience of tutoring students online and writing C++ assignments and codes. He is in constant touch with programming and the latest developments in the world of computer science.
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How can you reach us for your C++ Programming assignment help?

Our online C++ Programming experts are available 24/7 and can be reached via

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C++ Programming Help

We provide you with the following guarantees: 

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C++ Programming Help
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