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Tag - what is plagiarism

31 Must Know Shocking Facts About Plagiarism

Plagiarism is an important topic of conversation in schools, politics, and the news and beyond, yet there are still many things that people may not know about it. Here are 31 must know shocking facts about plagiarism. Read on to find out what those facts are: Text with references also account for plagiarism. Yes, if the concepts are enclosed from another supply and references, but the text is a direct quote from that source without quotation mark, the references [...]

How to Avoid Plagiarism? 8 Easy Tips to Avoid Plagiarism

Collecting all the information to include in your paper not an easy task. Along with that, there are also a lot of rules you need to follow. Simply taking and including information from a source and not giving credits will lead to disastrous results. Your paper will be thrown out if it is plagiarised. Plagiarism in simple words is nothing but stealing whether it’s intentional or unintentional. You can find a lot of online services which can rewrite the content [...]