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Statistics – Probability

Statistics - Probability Probabilities express the chance of events that cannot be predicted with certainty. Even unlikely events sometimes occur. The probability of an event is viewed as a numerical measure of the chance that the event will occur. The idea is naturally relevant to situations where the outcome of an experiment or observation exhibits variation. The term experiment is limited to studies conducted in a laboratory. Rather, it is used in a broad sense to include any operation of data [...]

Probability in Statistics

Probability in Statistics Probability is the study of random or unpredictable experiments, where it is helpful in investigating important features of random experiments. The origin of probability theory was based on the analysis of certain games of chance that was well known in 17th century. Many branches of science and engineering have found an extensive scope of application which makes probability as one of important studies. Sample Space and Events In probability theory, the set of all possible outcomes of an experiment, [...]