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Discipline in Employment Law

Discipline The disciplinary framework can be divided into two elements: The rules imposed within the workplace, and, The procedures which need to be followed to ensure legal compliance and best practice. The ERA requires that in claims of unfair dismissal not only must the employer prove that the dismissal was for a potentially fair reason, but that also the employment tribunal can satisfy itself that the employer acted reasonably in treating as sufficient, the reason which was the basis for [...]

International Law, Challenges and Allegiance

Challenges in the Subsidiary A home-country manager is sent by the home office to a subsidiary to manage the subsidiary. Home-country managers of foreign subsidiaries face several challenges. The foreign subsidiary business is usually conducted in a language different from that of the home office, and it is governed by laws of the host country. It operates in a cultural environment that is not the host-country cultural environment, and it is not the corporate cultural environment, but rather, a blend [...]

Organization Forms and Ethics

Business Organization When we organize a business enterprise, we need to think of more than the great product, innovative service, or brilliant marketing campaigns that will make the business successful. We must also think of the enterprise from the perspective of its legal rights and obligations. Business concerns are established with the objective of making profits. They can be established either by one person or by a group of persons in the private sector by the government or other public [...]

International Trade

International Trade International trade allows countries to exchange goods and services with the use of money as a medium of exchange. It should aim at a mutual gain for all participating countries. Each country can then focus on specializing in the products that they are best suited to manufacture or produce and import other goods from other trading partners who can supply them at a lower opportunity cost. A product that is sold to the global market is an export, [...]

Torts in Law

A tort in common law is defined as a civil wrong that involves a breach of civil duty owed to someone else. This is in exception to contractual duty. A tort is similar to crime but crimes involve breach of duties toward the society in general. The aggrieved party who has been injured due to a tort may bring a lawsuit. One who commits a tort is called tortfeasor. A person who suffers a tortuous act is entitled to [...]


Law is a system of rules generally enforced through a set of institutions. For the smooth functioning of society, politics, economics there must be a set of rules or laws which tell how things have to be conducted accordingly. The basic principle of Law is that all people are entitled to justice, no one is above the law and the rules laid down should not cause and inconvenience to the large number of people. The Institutions that frame, amend, execute, [...]