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Motivation at Workplace

Motivation at Workplace: Tips from HR experts @ HwA Motivation is one of the primary ways through which employees are engaged effectively and efficiently within an organization for the accomplishment of its goals. Many of the human resource activities are directed towards increasing the productivity of employees. Many motivation techniques are used by the human resources department in accordance with the other departments. The need for motivation In order to understand motivation clearly, we must understand the relationship between motivation and [...]

Human Resource Planning

HR Planning Human Resource Planning is an important step towards acquiring right people in the right place at the right time. Lack of accurate planning will hamper the organization’s position in the market. The organization may not function as expected because the right people may not have been put in the right places. An effective Human Resource Planning will save the organization a lot of money because, when inefficient people are placed in key or strategic positions, the growth of the [...]

Training Human Resources

Human Resources Management – Training Human Resources In today’s competitive world, every organization has to adapt to new changes in order to stay ahead in the competition. The changes include the way many operations are performed in an organization. These include some of the simplest things to the some of the most advanced things such as implementation of a new technology, etc. For this reason, training is an ongoing process in any organization. Training is the process by which people acquire [...]

Theory X and Theory Y in Human Resource Management

Theory X and Theory Y have been propounded by Douglas McGregor who was an American social psychologist. He presented his theory in his 1960 book, ‘The Human Side of Enterprise’. The Theories X – Y are used extensively in management and motivation. The theory has been used by management to formulate and develop motivation and positive management styles, strategies and techniques. It remains central to organizational development and in improving organizational culture. Theory X: Theory X assumes autocratic management. The theory [...]

Human Resource Development

In organizations people develop in terms of numbers, but a successful organization is the one where proper training is imparted to their employees. This training is of two types. One is short-term training. And the other is long-term training. Short-term training is mainly focused on the job that has to be done and performance concerns. And the long-term training is about the development of the individual as well as the organization in terms of broadening the skills for future [...]

Performance Appraisal

Performance Appraisal Systems take a variety of forms and are central to Performance Management Systems. Appraisal takes place annually between the manager and the employee. However there are number of trends that are changing the style and relationship of the appraisal. One important trend is to hold periodic reviews on a more regular basis. This allows for a more dynamic process of discussion and adjustment to objectives to counter the criticism that objectives set and reviewed annually do not fulfill [...]