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How to make a study schedule and score A+

An often asked question by every college and university student who wants to top in his or her class, is how to score an A+. While there is no standard answer for this question, yet one can score an A+ with the help of certain dos and don’ts. Tips for Scoring an A+ We’ve compiled a list of dos and don’ts that can help you to an extent in succeeding in your college. These tips are about how making certain small [...]

9 Survival Hacks for College

College life can be so much fun, especially if you’re a fun-loving person yourself. College life is the life where you make a lot of friends, some of them will become your life-time friends and also it is the place where the path towards your career might be decided. But, college life isn’t all that fun and play, especially when you have to live without the support or caretaking of your parents. That, transition part can be a little [...]

Back to School/College Tips for Students

Enjoyed your summer vacation this year? Well, summer this year is coming to an end and that can mean only one thing for students and that’s going back to school/ college. So, how are you preparing for the coming academic year? You might want to take some steps this year in advance so that some mistakes that happened last year will not be repeated again. Most students always feel that they should’ve done more after their results come out and [...]

Did You Fail Your Assignment? What Next!

Failing in your assignment or exam or coursework, midterm or your dissertation can be an awful feeling. And trust us, all of us have gone through that tough and unpleasant experience at least once in our academic lifetime. And, as it turns out, it is good to fail once or twice in your exams or assignment. Otherwise, you wouldn’t know whether or not you approach was right. And moreover, failing an exam can motivate you to study harder or [...]

How to Get Finance Homework Help For MBA Students

Finance is one of the most important subjects in commerce and management streams. College and university students can find the subject of finance very hard to grasp and understand the complex concepts in the subject. Finance has various concepts and topics that can be hard to wrap heads around. Some of the most troubling topics can include time value of money, risk and return, taxation methods, valuation of bonds and stock, capital budgeting, capital structure, derivatives, options and futures, [...]

A Tribute To John Nash – The Creator of Game Theory

Day before yesterday, we witnessed the death of perhaps one of the greatest contributors to the field of Economics. Surprisingly, he is not an economist by profession or qualification. Instead, he was a mathematician. He is none other than John Forbes Nash Jr. Born in 1928 in West Virginia, Nash was a bright student who earned full scholarship at Carnegie Institute of Technology (now Carnegie Mellon University), where he studied advanced mathematics. Nash earned a scholarship to Princeton University. Here’s the [...]

5 big interview questions you need to know

College and university students often fear this or have already experienced this. It is the fear of interview and how to pull in an interview with utmost confidence? Even when you have experienced interview, attending an interview for a family run business or a small organization can be different from attending an interview in a large organization or a multinational corporation. The 5 Big Interview Questions That You Need To Know Here are some of the most important questions that you [...]

Common Citation mistakes students make

Citation or referencing is one of the most important tasks of students while writing any assignments or papers. It needs a little practice to master the various citation techniques. But, before that can occur, many students can be found making certain mistakes in citation. Making mistakes in citation is deemed as plagiarism in the academic world and is a serious violation of academic standards and rules. Each and every one of these mistakes can be avoided and here are [...]

Budget College Vacation Tips for Students

Are you really confused about what to do during this winter vacation? And just for a change, you don’t want to go to your home and instead want to do something else. Perhaps, this time you and your friends plan for a small vacation. Yes, a vacation that absolutely fits in your budget. There’s nothing more satisfying than going to a vacation with your friends for few days, right. For this winter, you could head south for a hot summer [...]

Write My Assignment

HelpWithAssignment.com provides high quality email based and live assignment help for college and university students. The subjects that we cover are extensive, exhaustive and inclusive. Some of them include mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, nursing, engineering, statistics, programming, computer science, management, accounting, finance, marketing, economics, sociology, law, political science, English, etc. Our objective is to establish ourselves as the one-stop solution which offers all kinds of academic services to college and university students in the subjects mentioned above and in many [...]