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History of Epidemiology

Epidemiology is one of the fundamental sciences in public health. It is the study of patterns, causes and effects of health and disease conditions in population.  In other words, epidemiology helps in studying health and disease patterns in population and in mapping emerging diseases. The history of epidemiology can be traced backed to the observations made by Hippocrates 2000 years ago. He said that environment factors played a role in disease development. But, until 18th century there were no major [...]

Write My Assignment

HelpWithAssignment.com provides high quality email based and live assignment help for college and university students. The subjects that we cover are extensive, exhaustive and inclusive. Some of them include mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, nursing, engineering, statistics, programming, computer science, management, accounting, finance, marketing, economics, sociology, law, political science, English, etc. Our objective is to establish ourselves as the one-stop solution which offers all kinds of academic services to college and university students in the subjects mentioned above and in many [...]

Back to College Tips for Students

After a long summer vacation of going home or spending some time with friends, most students will be back to their colleges or universities respectively. As the summer vacation is coming to an end, perhaps, its time for students to start making arrangements for the next year in advance. Making some arrangements in advance can help you through the next academic year with no issues and you can concentrate more on your studies and other activities. Here are some tips [...]

Useful Apps for College Students

Life of teenagers has become so complicated these days that you need some kind of “survival tools” in a huge jungle called the college. Today, smartphones are there to rescue you from running into troubles with your professors, homework, assignments, examinations, etc. College life is meant to be a mixture of fun with friends, fear of exams, breaking rules (for fun), making a good career path and much more fun. And to balance the fun part of college and [...]

Role of Corporate Strategy in Today’s Environment

Put it simply, a strategy is simply a plan to achieve something. A corporate strategy is an elaborate plan that a company develops to realize or achieve its vision or objectives. There could be more than one strategy for a company and these strategies help in realizing the objectives of the company such as establishing itself on the frontier of the industry it belongs to or outrun its competitors to produce the best products or services, etc. It must [...]

Best Certification Courses for Nursing

Nursing is one of the most respected professions in the health care industry where it contributes in the care of individuals and communities in the recovery and in maintenance of quality of life. The American Nurses Association is one of the professional bodies which governs the nursing profession in the United States by giving out standards, best professional practices and ethics. The American Nursing Credentialing Center, a subsidiary of the American Nursing Association offers number of nursing certifications which give [...]

30 simple Algebra Tricks for Students

Algebra is one of the most important topics in mathematics and without algebra, perhaps our understanding of mathematics wouldn’t at the present state. But, on the other hand, algebra is also a tough topic and many students can find it impossibly difficult to master. But the truth is algebra can actually be practiced vary easily, of course with few tricks at hand. Here are some algebra tricks for students who want to master algebra without any fuss. Basic rules of algebra: [...]

Education Apps in Android for Students

One of the best things about smartphones these days is that they have opened up whole new things for us to explore and increase our productivity. And students are not an exception. Earlier, a student with a gadget in hand was a sign of uselessness, but today, a student with a smartphone with productive apps is a positive sign that he or she is working hard to gain good scores. Here are some very good android education apps for students. [...]

Organic Chemistry Introduction

As we all know, organic chemistry is part of general chemistry. The only difference between general chemistry and organic chemistry is that organic chemistry is the study of organic compounds and organic materials mainly based on carbon. Organic chemistry studies the physical and chemical properties and chemical reactivity of these organic compounds and materials. The most common form of organic compounds that we know are hydrocarbons. Various fuels that we use ranging from coal, gasoline, diesel, natural gas, methane, propane, [...]

Importance of Psychology in Nursing

Psychology is an applied science which is useful in studying mental functions, behavior and understanding of individuals and groups. Psychology and social psychology is of great importance in nursing. While psychology is the study of individuals, their behavior and their mental processes, social psychology is the study about how individuals’ behavior or mental states can be effected by social situations. In other words, social psychology emphasizes more on how and why individuals behave under the presence of social situations [...]