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Finance Management-Risk Returns and Trade-offs

Management-Risk Returns and Trade-offs Risk Management is the process of assessing and modifying – on an ongoing basis – the many trade-offs between risk and reward that face a firm. These trade-offs can be evaluated based on whether they are done for the purpose of hedging, speculation and arbitrage. One of the first lessons that a finance student learns is that higher expected returns are accompanied by higher levels of risk. The corollary is that risk reduction typically entails some [...]

Financial Management Time Value of Money

Financial Management Time Value Time plays an important role in finance. It is a common practice, if a child is asked whether he/she would take a dollar bill now or six months later, then, the child would reply, saying right now. Though children say it ignorantly, it is true that money obtained now is greater in value than the same amount of money obtained one year or two years later. This is because, the money coming in will be invested [...]

Finance Management Analyzing and Improving Management Performance

Finance Management Companies must be able to measure managerial performance if they are to control operations and achieve organizational goals. As companies grow or their activities become more complex, they often attempt to decentralize decision making as much as possible by restructuring into several divisions and treating each as an independent business. The managers of these subunits or segments are evaluated on the basis of the effectiveness with which they use the assets entrusted to them. Finance Management Analyzing and Improving [...]

Bonus Shares Vs Stock Splits In Financial Management

Bonus Shares Vs Stock Splits Bonus Shares are those shares which are issued to shareholders’ by a healthy company without any cost. These Bonus Shares are issued in proportion to the existing shares a shareholder has as a result of capitalization of reserves. Bonus Shares Versus Stock Splits In the wake of a Bonus Issue: In this case the Shareholders’ proportional ownership remains unchanged. The book value per share, the earnings per share and the market price per share decrease but the [...]