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IT Security

Types of Security Policies

Types of Security Policies The policies for information security must come from all corners of an organization which includes the general staff. These policies are the basis for all information security planning, design and deployment. These policies should be able to provide a direction on how the issues should be handled and what are the best technologies to be used. These policies will direct how a particular software or equipment should work. This specific information is placed in the standards, [...]

Information Security Principles

Information Security Principles A general definition of security is to being in the state of security – to be free from any kind of danger. In other words, security is protection against adversaries – from those who would harm, intentionally or otherwise. Today, we can observe the concept of security in almost every place. The most common forms of security is a unilayered or unifaceted system. But in case of organizations or the nation as such, resort to a multilayered [...]

Value of Information Assets

Value of Information Assets Information has value to its owners, users, automated systems that must use it and government agencies that regulate access to it. For example, Wal-Mart stores could not operate efficiently without a 30 terabyte data warehouse that tracks the cost, profit, shelf-life and other metrics associated with every product sold in every store during the past five years. Major domestic and international airlines could not efficiently schedule and crew billions of dollars of equipment, not operate their revenue [...]

Information Security Process

Information Security Process IT Security is no longer an “event” or part-time assignment for any corporate and government organizations. It has become a continuous process every second of every day, from both the technology and management perspectives. Most executives of small companies are unaware that their corporate firewall is probed hundreds of times a day by automated attack tools. Financial services and government firewalls are often probed tens of thousands of times every day. These attack tools – can be deployed [...]

Principles of Network Security

Network security involves three key principles of confidentiality, integrity, and availability. Depending upon the application and context, one of these principles might be more important than the others. For example, a government agency would encrypt an electronically transmitted classified document to prevent an unauthorized person from reading its contents. Thus, the confidentiality of the information is paramount. If an individual succeeds in breaking the encryption cipher and then, retransmits a modified encrypted version, the integrity of the message is [...]

The Concept of Information Security Principles Management

Information Security Principles and Management Information security management is one of the three communities of interest functioning in most organizations. As, a part of the management team, it operates like all other management units by using the common characteristics of leadership and management. In Information Security the goals and objectives differ from those of IT and general management communities in that they are focused on the secure operations of the organization. Because the Information Security management is charged with taking [...]

Understanding Management Information System

Management Information System can be defined as a discipline focused on the integration of computer systems with the aims and objectives in an organization. Integrating computers in the core and support processes has enabled many organizations to augment the speed at which the work is processed. The development and management of information technology tools assists the executives and the general work force in performing any tasks related to the processing of information. MIS and business systems are especially useful [...]