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5 Excellent Habits That Will Dramatically Improve Your Productivity During The Lockdown

By hwa_cognate | Publish On: April 30, 2020 | Posted In:

Due to the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, everyone is confined to their houses. On the other hand, many companies have opted to work from home option and educational institutions are conducting online classes. Working from home or studying/learning at home definitely affects focus and productivity. Often people become lazy and start to procrastinate things. So, if you want to become more productive, here are 5 habits that will dramatically boost your productivity and focus.

5 Best Habits to Improve Productivity During Lockdown

Use procrastination

Procrastination is a normal thing for everyone. No matter how committed you are to a particular task, at some point you will feel the urge to put off getting to work in favor of something more immediately enjoyable or interesting. To be productive, you must change the way you think about procrastination.

Often the people who procrastinate have judgemental beliefs that come out in the form of negative self-talk toward themselves. This negative self-talk will make you feel ashamed or angry or disappointed in yourself. So, here are simple steps to overcome this:

  • Simply observe and notice your urge to procrastinate
  • Label and accept your urge to procrastinate non-judgementally
  • Validate the urge to procrastinate
  • Invite your procrastination along for the ride

So, validate your procrastination and be willing to live with it instead of fighting.

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Eliminate digital distractions

This is the era of advanced technology and everything is at fingertips. Right now we are so much addicted to the usage of the internet for all our needs and information. People are connected to social media and get in touch every single day. This also makes one of the biggest reasons for procrastination and loss of focus.

If you are losing your focus easily, it doesn’t mean that your willpower is weak but the distraction in your environment is strong. So, design your environment before you sit down to work and make sure you’ve done everything you can to make sure that your environment is conducive to work and focus.

Here are two main things to avoid distractions:

  • Quarantine your phone
  • Turn your computer into a single-tasking machine

Design a deep work routine

The best productivity is achieved when you work in a state of the distraction-free environment where you focus on the activity and push your cognitive capabilities to their limit. These types of efforts create new value, improves skill, and are hard to replicate. Creating a deep work routine will put your mind in high-gear and help you overcome the hurdles.

Tips for creating a deep work routine:

  • Decide on a consistent time for your deep work
  • Start small with duration and gradually work up
  • Eliminate distractions
  • Track progress and reward yourself

Harness the power of forcing functions

A forcing function is a mechanism that forces you to take some action. It’s the remedy for inconsistent willpower or motivation. If a pop-up comes on your phone screen, you have two options, either you open the notification and spend 3 minutes on that or simply close it. Sometimes forcing functions is useful for personal productivity too.

Some examples of forcing functions you can use to improve productivity:

  • To speed up your work, don’t put your laptop on charging and make sure you complete the work before it shuts down.
  • Uninstall the apps that aren’t directly related to your work.
  • Hire a coach and pay in advance for several months.
  • Ask your friend or spouse to change your social media passwords until the beginning of each month and not tell you the new ones until you’ve completed a particular goal.

Ask for help

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If you want to improve your personal productivity, stop looking for trivial hacks and get serious about building rigorous habits to boost your motivation, concentration, and discipline.

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