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Corporate Strategy

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Role of Corporate Strategy in Today’s Environment

Put it simply, a strategy is simply a plan to achieve something. A corporate strategy is an elaborate plan that a company develops to realize or achieve its vision or objectives. There could be more than one strategy for a company and these strategies help in realizing the objectives of the company such as establishing itself on the frontier of the industry it belongs to or outrun its competitors to produce the best products or services, etc. It must [...]

Understanding Strategic Planning

What is Strategy? Strategy means consciously choosing to be clear about your company's direction in relation to what's happening in the dynamic environment. The fine points of strategy are as follows: Establishes unique value proposition compared to your competitors Executed through operations that provide different and tailored value to customers Focuses on activities that fit together and reinforce each other Drives continual improvement within the organization and moves it toward its vision A strategic plan is the formalized roadmap that describes how your company executes the [...]

Corporate Social Responsibility

For many years, community development goals or social responsibility were philanthropic activities that were seen as separate from business objectives. Doing well and doing good were seen as separate activities. But that thinking is changing. Organizations that are developing cutting-edge technology are considering social and environmental considerations in business strategy from the very beginning. There has been a significant increase in the awareness of people and people as customers are coming forward with requests and proposals for the support of [...]

Porters Five Force Model

Porters Five force Model - HelpWithAssignment.com - YouTube Porter’s Five Force Model or Five Force Analysis is an analysis that helps in analyzing competition in an industry and business strategy development. Porter’s Five Force Model uses industrial organization economics. Porter’s five force model is based on the assumption that a firm in an industry is subject to forces within the industry which have an influence on most of its moves. So, it is important to understand these forces that act [...]