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Communication in Business from Help With Assignment

Communication in Business

One of the biggest mysteries about humans is their evolution to speak and communicate effectively. No other animal in the entire world can communicate as strongly as humans.

The science behind communication can be very puzzling when we look at communication at the very grass root level. But nevertheless, communication plays a very important role in our daily as well as in the most important turns in our lives.

Communication is defined as the process of giving, receiving information or ideas by writing, speech or visual means, so that the message communicated is completely understood by the recipients.

The key to effective communication is to guarantee that the information which is passed on is understood by the recipient, stimulating them to take appropriate action or affecting the way the recipient thinks in some way.

Advantages of effective communication

Most of the business organizations have understood that effective communication is the key to ensure the success of the organization at all the levels. Some of the benefits that accrue to the organization for effective communication include

  • The power of decision making and problem solving increases
  • Productivity of the organization increases
  • The workflow or the process or the performance of the organization can be streamlined
  • The professional image of the organization is enhanced
  • Effective communication helps in maintaining sound business relationship with business clients.
  • Positive and successful response to the organization is assured.

Today communication is more essential than ever before because of the changes that are taking place in organizations

  • Advancement of Technology: With the advancement of technology, technologically advanced and easy to use communication devices are being developed. With the help of these devices communication has become a very easy task across large distances.
  • Global Communications: Many businesses are going global thanks to the introduction of new and improved technologies. Many multinational corporations are operating from overseas and many national companies are seeking business in foreign nations. For all these things to happen, effective communication is very essential.
  • The Age of Information: The advent of internet has brought a great revolution in the exchange of information from one part of the world to another part of the world. One can receive huge amounts of data through the internet today in seemingly less time.
  • Teamwork is today’s Mantra: Long gone are the days of a person working alone. Today, team work is an important feature in not only large corporations but also in medium and small organizations. The productivity of a team player is generally high when compared to a person working alone. The reason is not only the added hands but also the added brains which help in thinking out new, efficient and effective ways to work better.

With the above features and advantages it is very clear that communication plays a major role in today’s business world.

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