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11 Tips on How to Write Essay Fast

Essay writing is an integral part of the academic curriculum. ‘How to write my essay?’ is one of the most searched topics in various search engines. An essay is a reflective piece of writing on our understanding of a specific topic. It involves research on the topic to support ideas, evidence and arguments that are presented. For this very reason, a considerable amount of time is essential to complete an essay. But sometimes when we are short of time [...]

93 Creative Research Paper Topic Ideas for You

A research paper has been described as an academic piece of writing which is based on a brief discussion, interpretation and analysis of any particular topic of the writer. It contains a wide description of any particular topic which can only be produced after a wide work of research.  How to write a research paper? Choose a topic: Always choose a topic which is challenging and not general as only this topic shall not make your work boring and instead [...]

How To Write an Essay About Leadership?

Leadership is an action or idea of leading any activity or a project of a group of people or an organization. This helps the remaining members of the group to work under dependable guidance of a leader. The one who leads is said to be the leader and his job is to guide and control the management as he/she has a certain amount of authority and control. For example, Nelson Mandela was one of the greatest leaders the world has [...]

120 Impressive Expository Essay Topics That Would Make You The Winner

Essays are never that easy to write if you have no prior experience in writing them. But then if you can get a hold of it, it becomes very easy to master. But then there are so many different things that you might see going on in an essay such that you might be baffled as to what is right and what is wrong as every essay isn't the same from each other. They are really different and can [...]

How to Write Essay About Gun Control?

Gun control is a set of rules restricting possession, sale, transportation, manufacture, modification and usage of firearms. For example, in countries like America, there are no such strict restrictions or gun controls are used and most of the civilians totaling around 70% to 80% of civilians have access to firearms.  However, in many countries like India gun control rules are very strict and hence license is issued for every purchased gun. Every non-licensed gun possessed by a civilian is said [...]

How to Write Essay About Education?

Education has been defined as a tool to gain knowledge or appropriate skills through various means like teaching, storytelling, discussions, training which helps students not only to learn but it definitely changes various things in an individual which includes the way they think, their belief, feelings and also how they act. Formal education has been divided into various stages which include preschool, primary school, secondary schools and then college and university education. How to write an essay based on education? 1st Paragraph: [...]

How To Write Executive Summary For Your Assignment?

Someone rightly said that “an executive summary is like a synopsis of any book, where with just a small reading a buyer decides that the book is worth their time to read the whole thing”. What is an Executive Summary? An executive summary is a short document or an abbreviated version of any official business-related document. The main purpose of this document is to summarise a long document, report, group of reports or an article or any proposal in such a [...]

11 Ideal Fonts for Dissertation Writing

Times New Roman, Georgia, Garamond, Arial, Verdana, Cambria, Century Gothic, Constantia, and Arial Narrow are some of the ideal fonts for writing a dissertation. What is Dissertation Writing? In the term – Dissertation writing, the word “Dissertation” has originated from the Latin language where ‘dissertare’ means ‘to debate’. This word was first used in the English language in around 1651 which gave us a definition to write extensively on a certain subject. It is also defined as a long piece of [...]

7 Best Tips For Your Assignment Cover Page with Example

Someone rightly said, “The first impression is the last impression.” As in your cover sheet is the first thing your teacher shall see at university and it can create an immediate impact. This can either make or break your grades. What is an assignment cover sheet? A cover sheet in an assignment is basically a page used by the student on completion of their assignment which includes a brief data of what topics and concerns are included in the project. This [...]

Top 12 Longest Words in The English Language

English language has its origin in West Germanic language. It is named after Angles, a Germanic tribe. English is also termed as the most widely spoken language as it has been signed as an official language for about 67 countries. According to the 2nd edition of the 20 volume oxford English dictionary it has an entry of around 171,476 words in current use, 47,156  are obsolete words and 9,500 derivative words which are included as subentries. English like any other [...]