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What is Biochemistry?

Biochemistry is the branch of biology that deals with the chemical processes within and relating to living organisms at molecular level. Biochemistry combines Biological sciences, Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics.

Biochemistry has so much importance and is been used in many of our daily activities. One can say that the advancements in the field of medicine are due to biochemistry. Biochemistry is used in physiology to understand the biochemical changes and physiological alterations in the body. Whereas in nursing it is helpful to diagnose the dysfunction of kidney and liver. When coming to the field of agriculture, it helps to prevent diseases, enhance growth, and enhance yield. Even the quality of milk can be checked by biochemical tests.


These are the few important sub-topics listed and discussed:

Carbohydrates: Carbohydrates is a chemical term that is applied to a large group of substances. Carbohydrates contain elements of Carbon, Hydrogen, Oxygen are composed of organic compounds in the ratio of 1:2:1. These are split in 3 groups known as: (a) Monosaccharide’s (b) Disaccharides’ (c) Polysaccharides’.
Amino acids: Amino acids are molecules that contain an amino group (NH2), an acidic carboxyl (COOH) group and a side chain attached to an alpha carbon atom. These are bi functional and classified as the following.
(a)   Neutral: Having equal number of amino and carboxyl group.
(b)   Acidic: Two carboxyl group and one amino group.
(c)    Basic: Two Amino and one carboxyl group.

Enzymes: Enzymes are the protein molecule with a characteristic sequence of amino acids that produces a three dimensional structure. As enzymes are nature catalyst that has a speed of 10^16 and it has a special feature such as, it occurs only in the desired reaction. It permits reaction under mild control.

The Enzymes Reaction:
The enzymes act on the substrate to yield the product.
S   →    P
Since E is the catalyst as it remains unchanged in the reaction.

There are a few lists of sub branches about Biochemistry where our HelpwithAssignment Team provides online tutoring and assignment help that are listed below:

  •  Biomolecule Assignment Help
  •  Nucleic acids Assignment Help
  •  Lipids Assignment Help
  •  Proteins Assignment Help
  •  Pathogenic Bacteriology Assignment Help
  •  Medically important Bacteria Assignment Help
  •  Collection and Transport of Pathogens Assignment Help

Biochemistry is the field that seeks to unravel the complex chemical reactions that occur in a wide variety of life-forms. Biochemistry also provides the basis for practical advances in medicine, veterinary medicine, agriculture, and biotechnology. It also includes new fields like bioengineering and molecular genetics. The methods and knowledge of biochemistry has been applied in various fields and industries. Biochemistry is applied in certain fields like Pharmacology, Toxicology, Disease therapy, Clinical chemistry, and Viral research.

Subjects related to biochemistry

Molecular biology:

It is a subfield of biological sciences that is concerned with the molecular nature of biomolecules and their interaction with various parts within a cell. DNA, RNA, and proteins are the pivotal biomolecules that are being studied in molecular biology.


Pharmacology is the field that studies drug action. A drug is defined as a substance that has biochemical and physiological effects on the organism or organs, cells, and tissue of the body. It studies the interaction between drugs and living organisms.

Chemical biology:

It a discipline that combines biology, physics, and chemistry. It studies biological systems through the applications of various techniques, tools, and analyses process of chemistry. 

Molecular genetics:

Molecular genetics studies the functions and structures of genes at the molecular level. It gives insight into the mutations, genetic variation, and heredity through the study of gene expression and chromosomes of an organism.

Some of the topics covered by our online biochemistry assignment help experts

  • Structure and membrane fluidity
  • Lipid synthesis
  • Secreted & compartmentalized proteins
  • Glycophosphatidylinositol anchor
  • Palmitoylation
  • Enzyme kinetics: measuring and comparing
  • Bioenergetics and metabolic themes
  • DNA polymerases
  • Composition of DNA and RNA
  • Rules of DNA replication
  • Amino acids and protein sequence
  • Electron transport and ATP synthesis
  • Calvin cycle and pentose phosphate pathway

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