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Australia Commercial Law Assignment Help

If you are looking for Australia Commercial Law Assignment Help, then you are on the right website. Law is a tricky subject in itself and it needs a good amount of concentration to understand it. Commercial law or business law, as it is called is one of the crucial subjects in management as well as commerce studies. The law is studied for its basic and advanced help/ knowledge on how to enter into contracts with other businesses or entities and how law can be helpful in the smooth running a business.  In fact, knowledge of commercial law or business law is one of the basic criteria for running any business. Getting into a business without the basic knowledge of business law can prove adverse in some cases. And this is the reason why business law is compulsory for business management and commerce students.

Australian law is a complex system that has evolved from a combination of common law principles inherited from England, and legislative frameworks created by federal, state and territory parliaments. The Australian Constitution, which came into effect in 1901, established a federal system of government with power divided between the Commonwealth government and the state and territory governments.

The Australian legal system has a strong emphasis on the rule of law, which means that all individuals and institutions are subject to the law and no one is above it. The judiciary, which is independent of the other branches of government, plays a vital role in upholding the rule of law by interpreting and applying the law to resolve disputes and ensure that justice is done.

The Australian legal system is also based on the principle of parliamentary sovereignty, which means that the Parliament has the power to make or change any law. The common law system in Australia means that judicial decisions are considered a source of law and can be used as precedent in future cases.

There are many different areas of law in Australia, including criminal law, contract law, tort law, property law, family law, and administrative law. The legal profession in Australia is regulated by the various state and territory legal professional bodies, which ensure that lawyers are properly trained, qualified and adhere to professional ethical standards.

Overall, the Australian legal system is a complex and dynamic system that is continually evolving to meet the changing needs of society. Its emphasis on the rule of law and independent judiciary is crucial in ensuring a fair and just society for all.

Australian Commercial Law

Australian commercial law is a body of law that regulates commercial transactions and activities in Australia. It covers a wide range of areas, including contracts, consumer law, corporations law, competition law, and intellectual property law.

Contracts are an essential part of commercial law in Australia. A contract is a legally binding agreement between two or more parties, and Australian contract law governs how contracts are formed, interpreted, and enforced. Contract law also covers the rights and obligations of the parties to a contract, including their remedies if the other party breaches the contract.

Consumer law in Australia provides protection for consumers against unfair business practices. The Australian Consumer Law (ACL) is a national law that applies to all businesses in Australia, and it covers areas such as product safety, consumer guarantees, and unfair contract terms.

Corporations law in Australia governs the formation, management, and operation of companies. The Corporations Act 2001 (Cth) is the primary piece of legislation that governs corporations in Australia, and it covers areas such as the duties of directors and officers, corporate governance, and the regulation of financial markets.

Competition law in Australia aims to promote competition and prevent anti-competitive behavior. The Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Cth) is the primary piece of legislation that regulates competition in Australia, and it covers areas such as mergers and acquisitions, cartel conduct, and price fixing.

Intellectual property law in Australia protects the rights of individuals and businesses that create original works. It covers areas such as trademarks, patents, copyright, and designs.

Overall, Australian commercial law is a complex and ever-evolving area of law that plays a critical role in regulating commercial transactions and activities in Australia. Understanding the various areas of commercial law is essential for individuals and businesses engaging in commercial transactions in Australia.

Business law covers various topics such as commercial transactions, contracts and agreements of commercial nature, mortgages, bankruptcies, consumer grievances, etc and many more. A deeper look into the topics that are involved in commercial law or business law can provide a better insight.

Personal Property

  • Real and Personal Property
  • Possession
  • Interference with possession
  • Loss of personal property rights
  • Challenging notions of personal property

Sale of Goods

  • Interpretation and Application of Sale of Goods Act
  • Distinguishing a sale of goods contract
  • Terms implied in sale of goods contracts
  • Correspondence with description
  • Fitness for purpose
  • Merchantable quality

Transfer of Property

  • Categories of goods
  • Presumptions for Transfer of property
  • Transfer by non-owner

Price and Delivery

  • Price
  • Performance of Contract
  • Delivery by installments
  • Remedies for Buyer and Seller
  • Agency Law
  • Agency and Actual Authority
  • Ostensible Authority
  • Ratification


  • Requirement of Bailment
  • Sub-bailment
  • Categories of Bailment
  • Duties of Bailment

Personal Property Securities Act

  • Application of PPSA
  • Security Interest
  • Creating Security Interest

Contracts of Guarantee

  • Nature and Scope of Contract of Guarantee
  • Principal Debtor’s Obligation
  • Collateral Obligation

Australian Consumer Law

  • Rationale and Operation of Australian Consumer Law

Unfair Contract Terms

  • Rationale for Consumer Protection
  • Operative Provisions
  • Meaning of ‘Unfair’

Consumer Guarantees

  • Consumer guarantees for goods
  • Guarantee as to title, undistributed possession and undisclosed securities
  • Remedies for non-compliance with consumer guarantees

Unconscionable Conduct

  • Elements of Unconscionability
  • The s 22 factors
  • Drawing line on unconscionable conduct

Misleading and Deceptive Conduct

  • Objective of s 18
  • Conduct in trade and commerce
  • Intermediary liability
  • Methodology for establishing misleading and deceptive conduct

Remedies under ACL

  • Types of remedies
  • Damages
  • Compensation and redress orders
  • Rescission and Specific Performance
  • Injunctions
  • Declaration as to unfair terms
  • Objectives of Enforcement regime
  • Public enforcement through civil proceedings and criminal prosecution

Why Do Students Need Australian Commercial Law Assignment Help?

There are several reasons why students may need Australian law assignment help:

Complexity of the subject: Australian law is a complex subject that requires a thorough understanding of legal concepts and principles. Students may find it difficult to grasp the concepts and apply them to real-life scenarios.

Time constraints: Law students have a lot of work to do, such as attending lectures, preparing for exams, and completing assignments. This can make it challenging for them to complete their assignments within the given deadlines.

Lack of resources: Students may not have access to the necessary resources, such as textbooks, journals, and legal databases, to complete their assignments to a high standard.

Language barriers: Some students may struggle with the English language, particularly if it is not their first language. This can make it difficult for them to understand the legal jargon and write assignments in a clear and concise manner.

Need for high grades: Law is a competitive field, and students need to maintain high grades to succeed in their careers. Australian law assignment help can assist students in achieving the high grades they need to be successful.

In summary, Australian law assignment help can assist students in overcoming the challenges they face in understanding and completing their assignments to a high standard. By providing expert guidance and support, students can improve their understanding of legal concepts, meet their deadlines, and achieve the high grades they need to succeed.

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How provides Australia Commercial Law Assignment Help?

These are some of the many topics that are covered under Australian Commercial Law at Also other concepts covered under commercial law are covered by us as well. Apart from these topics, another important concept in commercial law or business law is case studies or case laws. Case studies or case laws have a pivotal role in the subject. Case studies help in highlighting the intricacies of law and also clear the air for any ambiguities in the law. In other words, case studies clarify the role of each law or sub-law or rule. Many such case laws exist that have highlighted what a particular law is for and these have been studied as case laws.

At, our commercial law tutors make sure that they each and every topic is taught along with an enough number of case studies. They can also help you in solving case study questions given as homework. Our commercial law tutors are professionals in finance with years of domain experience and some of them even possess degree in law. They have earned their degrees from some of the top universities in Australia and top notch business schools. And hence, they are ideally suited for teaching commercial law.

Apart from this, our tutors can help you in completing your assignments and homework in commercial law and can teach you the subject in such a way that topics that were earlier hard for you to grasp would be easy to understand and most importantly remember.

Other than these services, we also have Solution Library, a repository of solutions for reference, spanning different subjects and questions covering numerous topics. These solutions can be obtained for a very low price.

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