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What is Anthropology?

Anthropology is the study of people throughout the work, how they behave, their evolutionary history, how they adapt to different environments, communicate and socialize with one another. Anthropology is concerned with the biological features that make us human-like genetic makeup, physiology, nutritional history, and evolution and with social aspects like culture, language, family, politics, and religion. Whatever may be the region, anthropologists are concerned with many aspects of people’s lives. These aspects will be the everyday practices as well as the more ceremonies, dramatic rituals, and processes that define us as human beings.

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Anthropology is used in a variety of settings and fields, including:

Academia: Many anthropologists work in universities and colleges, where they conduct research, teach courses, and mentor students.

Museums and Heritage management: Anthropologists work in museums, heritage sites, and cultural institutions, where they help preserve and interpret cultural artifacts and historical sites.

Non-government organizations (NGOs) and International organizations: Anthropologists are employed by NGOs and international organizations to conduct research, provide cultural and social analysis, and design and implement programs for different cultures and communities

Business and Market Research: Anthropologists are employed by companies and marketing firms to conduct research on consumer behavior and to help design products and services that are more responsive to customer needs.

Government: Anthropologists work in government agencies, including in international development, health, education, and cultural preservation.

Medicine and Public Health: Medical anthropologists work in the field of medicine and public health, studying the cultural and social factors that influence health and illness.

Law and Human Rights: Anthropologists work in legal and human rights field, providing expert testimony in court cases and working to promote human rights and social justice.

Environmental Management: Anthropologists study the relationship between human societies and the natural environment and work with organizations to develop sustainable management practices.

Overall, anthropology can be applied in many fields and sectors, as its perspective and research methods help in understanding and addressing complex social and cultural issues.

Subfields of Anthropology

Anthropology is a holistic and comparative discipline, meaning it considers the whole of human experience, across time and space. Anthropologists use various research methods such as ethnography, participant observation, and cross-cultural comparison in order to understand human cultures, societies, and behaviors.

Cultural anthropology:

This subfield focuses on the study of human cultures and societies, including their beliefs, customs, and practices. It examines the shared beliefs, values, norms, and material culture that shape social behavior and organization.

Linguistic anthropology:

This subfield focuses on the study of human language and communication, including the structure and use of language in different cultures. It explores how language is used to construct and convey meaning, and how it is shaped by social and cultural factors.

Physical anthropology:

This subfield focuses on the study of human biology and evolution, including the physical characteristics of different human populations and the origins of modern humans. It examines the biological and genetic factors that shape human biology and behavior.


This subfield focuses on the study of human history and prehistory through the excavation and analysis of artifacts and other remains. It reconstructs and interprets past cultures, societies, and technologies.

Social anthropology:

This subfield focuses on the study of social organization and behavior, including the study of kinship, politics, and economic systems. It examines the social institutions, norms, and practices that shape human behavior and relationships.

Applied anthropology:

This subfield focuses on the application of anthropological knowledge and methods to address practical problems and improve the well-being of individuals and communities. It works in collaboration with communities and organizations to find solutions to social, economic, political and environmental issues.

Anthropological Linguistics:

This subfield focuses on the relationship between language and culture, including the study of language structure, use, and change within cultural and social contexts.

Medical anthropology:

This subfield focuses on the study of health, illness, and healing in human societies, looking at the cultural and social factors that shape health beliefs, practices and outcomes.

Please note that this list is not exhaustive, and there may be other subfields or areas of specialization within anthropology.

Studying Anthropology

Be it undergraduate or postgraduate level, the study of anthropology implies a unique set of skills for working with people. It involves gaining a deep understanding of ethnic and cultural differences and learning how people’s perspectives, beliefs, and practices fit into a wider political, economic and social context is crucial in today’s globalized world.

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Anthropology Assignment Help

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