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Anatomy means the dissection of humans, animals and plants to study the structure, position and interrelation of its various parts. Anatomy is subdivided into gross anatomy and microscopic anatomy. Where gross anatomy is the study of the structure of body parts without using a microscope. Microscopic anatomy is the study of structural tissues and organs.  Anatomy contains few sub branches which are listed and explained below: 

  • Human Anatomy: It is the study of human body with respect to every organ and their relationships with one another.
  • Physiological Anatomy: This is also known as functional anatomy which includes the study of organs with respect to their functions.
  • Comparative Anatomy: This relates to the comparison of both gross and microscopic anatomical structures used in different species of animals.
  • Anthropological Anatomy: This is relates to the comparison of the anatomy of different races of humans. Anthropological anatomy is also known as Physical Anthropology.
  • Artistic Anatomy: Artistic Anatomy is the study of Anatomy for artistic purposes which are applied for painting and drawing.            

There are many more sub branches of anatomy where we provide online tutoring and assignment help. Few are mentioned below:
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