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Zara is a name of fashion that keeps its stores updated with latest fashion, its supply chain is very short that it renew and manufactures fashionable clothes in every 2.5 months that keeps the stores busy with more foot falls every months it has created a history by continuous manufacturing of latest and updated fashionable clothing in short span customers need not have to wait for fashionable clothes to arrive in market by next season ZARA refill its stores in every 2,5 months so that the reason its supply chain is shortened because of limited production. The Small and frequent shipments keep product inventories fresh and scarce that actually compels its customers to visit frequently to the store in search of what’s new and to buy now because it will be gone tomorrow. Thus lines that are not selling well are quickly removed and popular items quickly replenished. A quick turn around on merchandise helps generate cash, reduces inventories and eliminates the need for significant debt. (Beswick, 2012)

Zara has invested in information technology (IT) at its early stage. Their in-house IT is very simple and effective. IT has made its operations very smooth and efficient it helps them to create sustainable relationship between their vendors and suppliers. Easy accessible to all the queries internal and external communication has become very easy the Internal communication is maximized by housing on one floor, the designers, pattern makers and merchandisers, as well as everyone else involved in getting the product completed. (Ferdows, 2004)


The world is getting smaller; we want the whole world to dress in style, class, and experience unique designs weekly.


To be number one fashion retailer


Adapt quickly to fashion that the public demands. Improve quality. Sell a modern design that the public needs with quality at an affordable price. A perfect distribution system, just in time 


SWOT analysis


  • ZARA is one of the most renowned and powerful fashionable clothing brand it has made remarkable image in the market and also it is a biggest Spanish clothing retailer in the globe.
  • Zara has an excellent and low cost supply chain management and most of their product processing is integrated vertically.
  • They follow all their processing in JUST IN TIME system, which makes them deliver the most fashionable collection in time, it does only focus punctuality in procession but also update its product latest fashion in fact they make new fashion and the other competitors and local market follows.
  • They have wide variety of collection for different age groups and the best part is Zara is also making Kids collection.
  • ZARA Clothes are created at a low cost with good material the most innovative and fashionable designs
  • It creates exceptionally trendy and well designed clothes.
  • The organization has a center idea in data innovation to bolster its global co ordinations framework and web based offering where return and trade is the same as the store framework. Additionally in some area individuals can purchase Zara items by IPod, I Phone application.
  • Zara demonstrate more adaptability underway deals, and stock administration and its store's directors report back each day to fashioners in La Coruna for offers which demonstrates a pleasant coordination between divisions keeping in mind the end goal to address costumer's issues. Zara is a piece of Spanish gathering Inditex is extended worldwide in 77 nations with 5000 stores.
  • Its Net Income was expanded by 42% for the initial 9 months of 2010 and share cost 57.60 euro. The organization has Strong relationship between wholesalers, stores, administration and costumers. Likewise, the utilization of the most astounding nature of materials for apparel. Zara income for 2009 was 7.071 billion Euros and working benefit is 15% higher than H&M and GAP, yet working capital is the most reduced. (Beswick, 2012)


  • Zara is one of the biggest attire retailers on the planet and this could abandon it powerless in a few territories because of the tremendous traverse of control. The organization is worldwide yet has nearness in 77 nations.
  • Zara's most noteworthy preferred standpoint lies in its capacity to give the most fascinating bleeding edge things, chance free. Normally the additionally front line the outline, the best the hazard. Garments don't generally keep going long.
  • Zara has notoriety for new plan item advancement and innovativeness, however exists the hazard that their development may vacillate after some time.
  • Expenses of working with Albanian stores while the Zara is situated in La Coruna Spain. Despite the fact that ZARA has an effective plan of action it additionally have a few shortcomings which could restrict its adaptability and yearning development. Inditex over reliance on ZARA
  • ZARA constitutes around 80% of Inditex business (8 organizations) which implies a disappointment in ZARA can put the entire gathering at a hazard.
  • Promotion is turning into an imperative part of the business and it reflects straightforwardly to the deals. Zara's in-store notice model may not work going ahead.


  • IT SHOULD MERGE with Inditex group that has made more potential outcomes to put resources into developing markets.
  • Zara stores are situated in 77 nations and are parcel of chances to put and growing the market as in India and China. Albania is a decent open door for the organization to open stores since individuals like high design brands. New area and stores offer the organization chances to endeavor advertise improvement.
  • Develop into new markets/customer portions Albanian Consumer Taste
  • Albanian shoppers see ZARA as chic house. In the event that ZARA needs to develop in Albanian it needs to address particularly the Albanian needs and impression of mold. (Kenna, 2011)


  • The greatest dangers/threats are its rivals as H&M, GAP and Benetton and new passages in market that need to recapitalize their benefits in new markets as Albanian. Rising generation cost in light of work and crude materials. As monetary emergency is striking back costumers are drifted to spend less.
  • Impersonation of organization's logo by individuals that don't have consent to utilize it.
  • Increase in Euro Rate An expansion in Euro rate will build the customer offering cost, therefore Zara will lose value advantage against relative contenders outsourcing in Albanian leak.
  • With year-on-year deals expanding at around 25% in the course of the most recent 5 years, it has turned out to be one of the world's quickest developing retailers.
  • Zara system is development through enhancement with both even and vertical reconciliation. Zara duplicates mold by adjusting couture plan.


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