Write up About Qualitative Research


Writing up qualitative research: These activities are aimed at developing skills in the areas of qualitative writing
Using an existing interview transcript (this can be one you have done yourself or a transcript from an interview conducted by someone else, such as a current affairs program interviewer or an interview conducted as part of another TV program providing you can download a copy of the transcript), develop a case study or narrative of approximately 1000 words (20%). The case study/narrative should seek to incorporate dialogue from the interview transcript where appropriate.

This should include quotes from the transcript to support your argument.
•Report style (include transcript or images as part of the report)
•In text references + reference list
•Short introduction (including your research question) and conclusion (indicating how the data has helped to answer your research question


The question is about Qualitative Research. The example chosen in this case has been about owning pets and their influence on our daily lives. An example transcript has also been provided which has been included in the write up. In this case, qualitative research about the happiness of the subject, emotional attachment, social interactions, etc have been analyzed.

Total Word Count 2017


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