Write Queries To Retrieve Data For TSQL


Write SQL statements that will retrieve the following data from a database, using Subqueries and Joins. Using the Northwind database, write a SQL SELECT statement that will retrieve the data for the following questions:

1.    For each order, display the Company Name, City, and the Country for the customer who placed the order.
      o    Include the Order Date and the Required Date. Order the results by Company Name in ascending order.
      o    830 rows returned.
2.    For each order, list the OrderID, Orderdate, Product Name, UnitPrice, Quantity Ordered, and Total Cost. Label the column 'Product Cost.'
      o    For each product (including the discount), only show those orders that were placed in March of 1997.
      o    Sort the data by the OrderID, then the Product Name.
      o    77 rows returned.
3.    For each order, display the OrderID, ShipName, and the Employee First and Last Name.
      o    Order the results by Employee Last Name in descending order, then by Employee First Name in ascending Order, then by OrderID in ascending order.
      o    830 rows returned.
4.    Modify the first query to list the orders with customer details, but include all customers even if they have not placed an order.
     o    832 rows returned.
5.    List all customers (include CustomerId and Company Name) who have placed less than 5 orders.
     o    Include those customers who have placed 0 orders. Name the count field "OrderCount."
     o    Order by number of placed orders in reverse order.
     o    18 rows returned.
6.    Display the ProductName, and UnitPrice of all products that have a unit price larger than Tarte au Sucre.
     o    Order the results by UnitPrice in descending order.
     o    7 rows returned.
7.    Display the Customer Name of all customers who have placed orders in 1996.
     o    Order the results by Company Name in ascending order.
     o    67 rows returned.
8.    Display the OrderID of all orders that where placed after all orders placed by Bottom-Dollar Markets.
     o    Order the result by OrderID in ascending order.
     o    28 rows returned.
9.    List the Company Name of all U.S.-based customers who are NOT located in the same state (or region) as any of the employees.
     o    Order the results by Company Name.
     o    10 rows returned.
10.    Display the Product Names of all products that were placed by customers in CA.
      o    Order the result by Product Name in ascending order.
      o    Eliminate duplicate rows in the results.
      o    10 Rows Returned.



The question belongs to Computer Science and it discusses about writing SQL queries for retrieving data in TSQL.

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