Write Article Reflection On The Article “Improving Teaching And Learning When Budgets Are Tight”


Article Reflection

  • Read and reflect on the attached article, “Improving Teaching and Learning When Budgets Are Tight” by Allan Odden and Lawrence O. Picus. How does your own experience, supported by current educational research, dovetail with the authors’ acknowledgment that while education budgets are plummeting, “there are growing expectations for improved student performance, better teachers and closing the achievement gap” (p.42)?
  • Odden and Picus recommended five strategies for improving school performance in these tough budgetary times. Please consider Strategy #1: “Resist the cost pressures on schools” (pp. 42-43). Do you agree or disagree with the authors’ views as a whole? Why? What research supports your views?


Leadership Scenario

Consider Strategy # 2 of the Odden and Picus article: “Develop a more powerful school vision.” As an educational leader, what is your “vision of a redesigned school that will produce twice the student performance with the same or possibly even lower dollars” (p. 43)? Address any four of the following seven processes mentioned, using ideas from current research as well as your own experience:

  • use data-based decision making
  • set very high and ambitious goals regardless of school demographics
  • adopt new curriculum and textbook materials
  • invest in professional development
  • change the work life of teachers
  • provide extensive extra help strategies for struggling students
  • pay attention to teacher and administrator talent, (pp. 44-45) Conclude with a final reflection (one page) which demonstrates that you have reflected upon and synthesized knowledge from various aspects of your doctoral program in your response to Question 2.



The question belongs to Sociology and it discusses about writing an article reflection for the article “Improving teaching and learning when budgets are tight” by Allan Odden and Lawrence O. Picus.

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