Write An Essay on the History of Genre of Music (Qawwali)


A list of genre/style names is given below. Choose one of these and write an essay of 2000 words length that explores the history of the genre/tradition with reference to geographical locations of the people who currently perform music that could be described by that term. In particular, discuss the significant factors related to processes of migration, globalization, politics and/or commoditization that have led to the current expression of that genre/tradition.

•    Juju
•    Highlife
•    Qawwali
•    Dangdut
•    Nueva Cancion
•    Rembetika
•    Kwela

Use at least four sources that are either from published books, encyclopedias, or academic journals and ensure that you cite all of them at least once.

The question belongs to Arts and it is an essay about various forms or genres of music. The particular genre chosen here is Qawwali. Qawwali is a music form which has its roots in Persia and after entering in India, the form got fused with Indian classical music during the medieval period and developed into what is known as Qawwali. The solution explains this further in detail.

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