Write an essay on MAFTA Malaysia-Australia Free Trade Agreement


MAFTA Malaysia-Australia Free Trade Agreement

The Malaysian and Australian leaders have recently agreed to establish a possible FTA between the two nations. The joint experts group estimated that this new free trade area between the two nations would bring some real economic benefits.
In relation to MAFTA Outline and explain five provisions of MAFTA, which in your opinion are potentially beneficial to the Australian economy.
Outline five Australian industry sectors/companies, which have shown benefits from the operation of Singapore-Australia Free Trade Agreement (MAFTA).  Explain your selection.
Outline some potential economic implications of this agreement on Australia’s industries. Give examples of industries/companies which seem to be affected by the operation of MAFTA.  Suggest remedies.

The question is about MAFTA or Malaysia Australia Free Trade Agreement. For many years, Australia and Malaysia enjoyed links in education, defense, police, intelligence cooperation, tourism, cultural exchanges, etc. In the year 2005, Australia and Malaysia entered into a formal agreement on a Free Trade Agreement, which came to be known as MAFTA. The main aim of MAFTA is to ensure unambiguous commercial trade between the countries that can result in better economic development in the region.

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