Write A Report With Data Analysis For Wine Tasting


The Lardon wine tasting data to proprietor Doris Miculan-Bradley is given. The following sections are required. Your report should be no more than seven (7) pages and contain the following information:


Background information so the reader can better grasp the analyses you are going to present. This can include anything that puts the analyses into perspective for a restaurateur. You don’t need to speak with Doris, but rather should give a realistic wine tasting scenario.

Results Data Analysis

Present, at the very minimum, the following information:

  • Mean, Median, Mode, and Standard Deviation for each wine. Explain each concept clearly for a non-statistics person.
  • Mean score for ALL the data. Which wines scored above the group mean?
  • Z scores of the expert rating compared to the sample. What percentage of the sample scored ABOVE the experts score?
  • Find an online rating (e.g., Robert Parker- 91) of one of the wines (remember to reference it). What percentage of the sample scored above this online rating?
  • Correlation of individual wine scores to $/bottle. Define what a correlation is, and what the numbers mean.
  • Three (3) relevant graphs. Choose the ones that best illustrate the data. Make sure you explain them.
  • Four (4) Frequency distributions with Histograms (in Appendices). Explain any relevant findings in the Discussion section to follow.


Outline the most important statistical findings. This is a verbal explanation of the statistical analyses from the results section. This is where you try to understand what the data is saying. In the Results section you presented the data with definitions, in the Discussion section you expand/explain/outline the relevance of the data to the restaurateur.


How can the restaurateur get better data next time? Better: more relevant, stronger, more statistically relevant.


What is the take-away message? What is the final report conclusion?



The question belongs to Statistics and it discusses about preparing a report on data analysis for a wine tasting company and its results.

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