Write A Report On The Role Of Internet In Fashion Industry


Examples of industries: electrical appliance, pharmaceutical, market research, fashion, music, movie, books/ publications, supermarket, education provider, travel, non-for profit, finance/bank, online dating, social networking sites, online gaming, auction etc.

Critically analyse the roles of internet in this industry. Has internet changed the way this industry operates in any significant ways? Identify two competing e-businesses within this industry. To make your analysis more interesting, it is recommended that you choose two e-businesses with different positioning. Critically analyse, compare and contrast the two e-businesses on their e-marketing mix strategy (e.g., product, price, distribution and communication). Draw insightful connections between your analysis in the conclusion.

  • Provide a summary of your key findings / observations in a concise yet comprehensive
  • In your opinion, does one of the businesses have more superior marketing mix strategy than
    its competitor? What makes you think so? There should also be a one-page executive summary.



The question belongs to ­Marketing and it discusses about analyzing the role of internet on an industry. Here fashion has been the chosen industry for the discussion.

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