Nervous System Subdivision on Venn diagram


Place each of the following ANS-related terms in the proper place on the Venn diagram that follows.  There are three terms that do not apply to either subdivision of the ANS ~ they should be listed below the diagram with a reference to what nervous system subdivision they do belong to.


  1. Acetylcholine
  2. Adrenergic fibers
  3. Adrenergic receptors
  4. Cardiac muscle effectors
  5. Cholinergic fibers
  6. Cholinergic receptors
  7. Decreases HR
  8. Energy conservation/restoration
  9. Energy expenditure
  10. Glandular effectors
  11. Increases HR
  12. Involuntary control
  13. Norepinephrine
  14. Postganglionic fibers
  15. Preganglionic fibers
  16. Single efferent neuron
  17. Skeletal muscle effectors
  18. Smooth muscle effectors
  19. Vasoconstriction to digestive system
  20. Vasoconstriction to skeletal muscles
  21. Vasodilation to digestive system
  22. Vasodilation to skeletal muscles
  23. Visceral effectors
  24. Voluntary control



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