Web-based IMS and CMS for Managing an Online Art Gallery


CASE STUDY: Web-based IMS and CMS for managing an online art gallery

As a freelance developer, you’ve been commissioned to undertake the following development project, made up of three main “Modules”:

  1. The official website of a family-run online modern art gallery, as a main framework (or “Web Portal”) from within which it would be possible to run:
  2. A database-driven web-based application to manage relevant details of the business, such as items like paintings and sculptures for sale (including sale contracts), customers (artists and buyers), staff, events, etc. This application is the Information Management System (IMS).
  3. A Content Management System (CMS) to support the easy management of an online show-room displaying details of any art-piece for sale.

The CMS is expected to be little more than a gallery of pictures, which is to be organised by artists, type of art and/or other criteria. For each item, the system should allow the display of zero, one or more pictures, plus any related textual information (artist, year, price, etc.). The system overall should support several other functions (e.g. from administrator’s login to the actual content management), which you, as an expert, have been required to identify and/or suggest.

The software development part of the project is to be performed on a Windows-based “development platform” using PHP, MySQL and any relevant client-side technology (HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, etc.): the easier way to do so is to adopt a WAMP stack. One customised version of these stacks will be been made available on StudyNet, together with further instructions on how to set up and use it.students are encouraged to select and use a PHP development framework for the development of the actual applications. Developed system should be usable by and testable against those W3C standards Mozilla Firefox adheres to.

Summary: This question belongs to information management systems and discusses about website of a family-run online modern art gallery.

Total word count: 4350


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