Tort Of Defamation Of Character Requirements


1. Which of the following statements is true of the United States' Foreign Commerce Clause?

a. Regulation of foreign commerce by state governments is unconstitutional.
b. A state can enact a law that forbids a foreign country from doing business in that state if the country engages in activities that are not condoned by the state.
c. Direct regulation of foreign commerce by the federal government violates the Commerce Clause.
d. A state government is only permitted to regulate foreign trade indirectly.


2. The tort of defamation of character requires a plaintiff to prove that the defendant ______.

a. Publicized a private fact about the plaintiff
b. Insulted people closely related to the plaintiff, such as family or friends
c. Published an untrue statement of fact about the plaintiff to a third party
d. Made one or more financial deals with the plaintiff under a false identity


These multiple choice questions belong to Law. The 1st question discusses about a true or false statement about US Foreign Commerce Clause and the 2nd question discusses about tort of defamation of character requiring plaintiff to prove.

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