To What Extent Do Multinational Corporations Transform Compensate or Accommodate Local Cultures in their International Operations


To what extent do Multinational Corporations, transform, compensate or accommodate local cultures in their International operations?

Transform: to change. Does business activity and MNCs transform cultures? Can you find examples? Cultures can be large or small.

Compensate: to counterbalance. Cultures can be a source of conflict, do MNCs compensate for cultures, or in some way ameliorate their effects?

Accommodate: to do a favor, oblige or supply. Do MNCs service cultures, could cultures exist without MNCs?

This is largely a conceptual question: THERE ARE NO WRONG IDEAS, or answers. Don’t be afraid – think about it – think about your thinking, write out of curiosity and pursue the logic of your own arguments.

•    How you are going distinguish between the three sub topic, not only explain the three sub topic
•    Find case study for each sub topic


The question belongs to Management and it is about to what extent does a multinational corporation (MNC) can accommodate, compensate and transform to local cultural in international competition. In the present era of globalization, multinational companies are being established in developing countries to explore new markets and hence local people are hired. And these multinationals might find it hard to establish a common cultural ideology that suits both their business as well as the local ideology.

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