There is a consensus that retention of nurses is the core issue in the nursing shortage problem. Discuss.


There is a consensus that retention of nurses [not recruitment] is the core issue in the nursing shortage problem. Which, if any, of the following do you think is significant for retention of RNs?

•    Salary increase
•    Improved work conditions: shift length, flexibility of hours, better parking arrangements,
•    better canteen facilities, child-care arrangements, etc
•    Greater involvement in patient-care decision-making [within nursing team]
•    Nursing having greater say in organisation of care in hospitals
•    More career paths
•    Different educational [BN] preparation
•    Other


The question belongs to Nursing and it is about retention of nurses in hospitals. The question here is a statement analysis about retention of nurses is one of the core issues in healthcare organizations. The solutions gives details of whether or not the statement holds true and discusses the ways in which nurses can be retained by healthcare organizations.

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