Terms of Ednacare Tenancy Agreement


Ednacare, a charity, has a five-year licence of The Old Match Factory from Barry Inc, a Housing Association (who hold under a twenty year lease of the premises). Barry Inc has converted the lower floors of The Old Match Factory into bed-sit rooms with shared bathrooms. Ednacare operates The Old Match Factory as temporary accommodation and expects residents to stay no more than five months before moving to more permanent accommodation.

Les was homeless and went to Ednacare five months ago. Ednacare agreed that Les could occupy one of the bed-sits and he signed an agreement headed “Tenancy Agreement”. It included the following terms:

  1. This agreement is not to be read as conferring exclusive possession on the signatory and is not to be construed as a lease. It is intended to create contractual rights only between the parties.
  2. The Licensor hereby agrees to allow the Licensee to occupy Room 6 (such right of occupation to be terminable on reasonable notice by either party) in return for a licence fee of £35 a week.
  3. The Licensor reserves the right, at any time, to permit a cleaner to provide cleaning services to Room 6.

Ednacare has just given Les four weeks’ notice to leave The Old Match Factory.

Advise Les as to whether he has a lease or a licence of Room 6 and as to his rights in relation to The Old Match Factory as a result.


This question belongs to law and discusses about Tenancy Agreement of Ednacare for occupying one of the bed-sits.

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