Technical Issues being Faced by a Company


1. List at least six (6) main business and technical issues (and any other issues) that CFCL would need to consider in determining its business strategy (i.e. At least 12 issues in all). Explain how each of these factors or issues might then impact on or influence such a technology strategy. (Business issues should be considered to include "non-technical" issues; e.g. environmental, legal, social, demographic, etc.
2. Describe how you would utilize these  issues as part of technology audit for CFCL  List at least - five (5) questions the company might ask in undertaking such a technology audit, and suggest possible answers to these questions.
3. For a number of these business and technical issues, give examples of how particular answers to the issues would influence (directly or indirectly) its R & D activities — particularly in the development phase, and the approaches or the manner in which CFCL might undertake it.
4. Describe how the company is currently undertaking. Its R &D (either alone jointly or by "purchasing" from others), and indicate, how important to the company’s capabilities in any or all of the components of the research – commercialization   chain" are in finalizing any approach?
 Consider how you think the situation be different for companies operating in different industries to this energy/materials sector--answer this question with respect to the ICT and pharmaceutical industries
(Technology Issues you may wish to consider might include, but are not limited to technology and product life cycles, technology value chains etc.)
5. Provide a Conclusion


The question belongs to Computer Science, specifically to technical issues, ethical issues and business issues being faced at CFCL. Some of these issues have been highlighted and possible and viable solutions have been given. The answer contains all the recommendations in detail.

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