Team building Intervention: How to successfully build team work


Provide a description of a recent team-building intervention that you have participated in (If you did not participate in a recent team-building intervention, please find a friend, colleague or business associate to describe the exercise so that you can contribute to the assignment.)

Describe the various interventions, activities and facilitation of the event in terms of the type of intervention, framework of teams and techniques that were used. Critically evaluate the intervention and provide arguments to pronounce on the eventual success of the intervention.
Substantiate your arguments and indicate whether it could have been improved.

The purpose of the assignment is to:
•    Help you understand OD in practice;
•    Evaluate an OD intervention;
•    Assist you to make recommendations about the value of teambuilding interventions as examples of 00 interventions in your organization;
•    Assist you in evaluating your own team and
•    Help you determine specific interventions for your team.

You are required to provide:

A brief overview of the program of the team intervention;
A critical evaluation of the intervention as an 00 process according to a team framework of your choice.


The question belongs to Human Resource Management and it is about team building intervention. The basic idea is to under what drives teamwork and how to build team work in an organization. A recent team building intervention has been given as an example to facilitate the understanding. The solution provides more details.

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