Tackling Workplace Bullying On Social Media Platforms


Project Scenario: You are working as a graduate in the ‘X-Com IT’ Project Management Office

The ‘X-Com IT’ company is committed to delivering quality projects to its clients and treating their employees and customers in an ethical, open and honest way.

The X-Com IT Project Management Office (PMO) was created in 2005 to ensure consistency in the way projects run and to provide employees with standard ways of communicating internally and with clients.

The ‘X-Com IT’ Project Office used the PMI ethics guidelines and IEEE standards as a base for creating their project management framework (PMF). The PMF describes the processes used to run projects as well as providing document templates and checklists.

The Project office also provides education for new and existing employees and has significant input into the ethical standards employees must sign up to when they join the company.

Over the last 2 years the PMO has been running a number of Project management workshops. The most recent workshop discussed the use of social media and the increase in harassment and bullying.

The Project management office took on the following action items from the workshop:

1. Analyse the use of Emails, SMS, Facebook and Twitter in a commercial setting
a. How may their use be contributing to harassment or bullying (in the work place)
b. Where should the line be drawn between workplace and out-side work?

2. If Facebook, SMS and Twitter are to be used in X-Com IT suggest
a. guidelines on how they should be used by employees
b. standards/templates which can be introduced

3. Suggest changes to ethics guidelines which X-Com IT can introduce to cater for the increasing use of social media – these changes should address the concerns re bullying and harassment.

Your manager has asked you to develop a report which covers these issues. She has also asked you to include in the report:
-    Steps and a timeline for introduction of the changes (including any education required for employees)
-    Suggestion on how these new standards for communication can be enforced
Your manager will be presenting these findings to senior management so it must be professionally organised and written with the target audience in mind.


The question belongs to Human Resources Management and it discusses about an organization arranging a workshop which addresses issues such as use of email, SMS, Facebook and Twitter and how their use is contributing towards workplace bullying.

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