Supreme Court’s Decision on Volkswagen Vs Woodson Case


1. In the World-Wide Volkswagen Corp. v. Woodson case, the Supreme Court found that:

A. for a state to exercise jurisdiction over the parties to a lawsuit, there must be sufficient minimal contacts between the defendant and the state.
B. a business must solicit business in a particular state, either through salespersons or advertising, in order to be subject to the jurisdiction of that state's courts.
C. the Due Process Clause of the Constitution was violated because of inadequate notice to the defendant.
D. the occurrence of an accident within a certain state is a sufficient circumstance for that state to exercise jurisdiction over the parties.

2. With a __________ the jury makes specific written findings on each factual issue, and the judge then applies the law to these findings.

A. special verdict
B. quasi in rem
C. voir dire
D. general verdict


These multiple choice questions belong to Law. The first question is about the Supreme court’s decision on the case of World-Wide Volkswagen Corp Vs. Woodson and the second question is about jury making specific written findings on factual issues and the judge applying law to the findings.

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