Style of Management Found in the United States


Instruction: Word Requirement: 2,000 words

To prepare a market cultural report on a country of your choosing. To provide insights on the culture of market, how it is different from Singapore's, and recommendations as to what cultural factors to take note of when doing business in this country. Develop an eight to ten page report covering:
a. An Executive Summary.
b. The rationale for your country of choice. This could be related to your business (your work), your studies (further education), your family (relatives residing), or personal (honeymoon, holiday, or retirement).
c. A detailed Culture analysis of the host country. Showcase and explain some unique culture components of your chosen host country.
d. Explain how the unique cultures impact international business, and what businesses need to consider in order to operate effectively in the chosen host country (focus on the elements of culture and Hofstede's cultural dimensions).
e. Conclusions.
f. List of references, in proper APA (American Psychological Association) format. You are required to consult and fully reference a MINIMUM of 5 references from 3 different sources of information (e.g., book; www; journal article from the full-text databases; current affairs magazine; newspaper etc.)  


The question belongs to Management and it is deals with the style of management set found mostly in the United States. The manager is at the helm of affairs of his/ her department and are usually known to take decisions based on an individualistic approach. The solution discusses this in further detail.

Total Word Count 2063


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