Study on Young Offenders According to their Birth Order


A Youth Correction Center completed a study to explore the proportion of delinquent behavior, according to birth order, among two groups of teenagers (males and females, age 12-17). The data are given in the table below. Determine whether there is a difference between male and female offenders, according to their birth order. Use a 0.02 level of significance and show all steps of the hypothesis process.
                            Males     Females       
Oldest                    265          34       
In-between             247          25       
Youngest                231          29       
Only child                 71          19       
Total                     814         107    


This question belongs to Statistics and it is about a study in a youth correction center where the proportion of delinquent behavior according to birth order are divided into two groups of males and females and offenders according to their birth order are being studied.

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